When they are faced with a new task or assignment and when they study a new text, students explore possibilities and form tentative interpretations and positions. Finish watching the film version–notice how the film makers emphasize the situational and dramatic irony of Iago’s ability to twist truth and present good as though it is bad. The language of Shakespeare–reading sentence by sentence rather than line by line, considering the imagery created by the poetic devices, using rhyming couplets as cues, paraphrasing vs translating. Many multimedia texts combine components of all three text types – oral, print and visual – to achieve their effects. You want to continually be relating to and making connections with the text. Jurisdictions and schools are encouraged to increase requirements for text study beyond these minimum requirements, as time permits, when such extension would meet the needs, interests and aspirations of their students and the expectations of their communities. They learn to use language in ways that demonstrate sensitivity to the feelings of their peers and enrich the classroom atmosphere.

Course outline, class guidelines, and required texts for ELA Topic for CR –plan and prepare–use outline template supplied to plan just the one page! In other communication situations, the audience is specific and actual – a “target” audience – and is present within the immediate context of the communication. The study of literature allows students to experience, vicariously, persons, places, times and events that may be far removed from their day-to-day experiences. They also develop or use form, structure and media consistent with context. Using these minimum requirements as a guide, jurisdictions and schools are free to specify additional requirements for text study as best fits the needs, interests and aspirations of their students and the expectations of their local communities. Senior high school students must be able to communicate well in a variety of contexts – for a variety of purposes, with a variety of audiences and given a variety of situations.

This program of studies contains many specific outcomes that deal with matters of correctness.


ela 30-1 essay topics

Vocab Challenge the prize goes to S cene summaries for Othello–preview at the tipics of each act: There are, however, important differences between the two course sequences. Have a good weekend!

What are the common features of successful writing? Complete writing and print to the Essay across the hall–submit with your planning page and rubric–thanks! Such needs may include communicating with a particular audience, considering a variety of literary interpretations or gathering details that contribute to the verisimilitude of a created text. Senior high school students must be prepared to meet evolving literacy demands in Canada and the international community.

Jurisdictions and schools are encouraged to increase requirements for text study beyond these minimum requirements, as time permits, when such extension would meet the needs, interests and aspirations of their students and the expectations of their communities. Text Study section below, the dotted line dividing “Essay” and “Popular Nonfiction” indicates that the separation of these two genres is somewhat arbitrary.

30-1 Portfolio Critical/Analytical Essay Topics

Students enhance their language abilities by using what they know, continuously and recursively, in new and more toopics contexts and with increasing sophistication.

Minimum Requirements for Text Study In meeting the specific outcomes exsay in this program of studies, students must satisfy certain minimum requirements in their study of works of literature and other texts in oral, print, visual and multimedia forms.

When beginning the task of text creation, students assess context: They respond creatively by visualizing the settings and situations that are presented in texts and by imagining the persons and characters inhabiting texts. The unpredictable nature of people under pressure.

Email required Address never made public. If you send me yours yet, I will try to have a look, but no promises! Students develop ideas through text creation. Oral texts include storytelling, speechmaking, discussion and conversation.

ela 30-1 essay topics

Sharing of metaphor poems and commentaries with our classand Vocab 4! Many of the text types that are listed may be presented through various media.


Resources to support:

Reading provides students with a means of accessing the ideas, perspectives and experiences of others. Text Creation section below, the dotted line dividing personal response to texts and personal response to contexts indicates that the separation of these two response types is somewhat arbitrary.

By developing viewing strategies and skills, students come to understand the ways in which images may be used to convey ideas, values and beliefs. A minimum of one third of the texts studied in each senior high school English language arts course must be texts authored by Canadians. They benefit from many opportunities to listen and speak, both informally and formally, for a variety of purposes and with a variety of audiences.

Primarily, students will learn how to use information and communication technologies by taking courses in career and technology studies CTS.

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Five general outcomes serve as the foundation for the program. In the excellent essay on annotated bibliography machine Medea as Tpics Nita Krevans explores Medea s role as founding father of cities. Students in senior high school English language topica classes develop and display positive attitudes that are observable in the verbal and nonverbal communication that they exhibit.

One aim is to encourage, in students, an understanding and appreciation of the significance and artistry of literature.

Staff Collaboration–no classes for students. Any text that combines an oral component with a visual component, a print component with an oral component, or a print component with a visual component is a multimedia elq.

Be prepared to read your response tomorrow. The table below indicates the relative emphases intended by the wording used in the chart below to specify requirements.

ela 30-1 essay topics