Online learning is very effective as compared to local coaching institute. Born in , Educomp smartclass has created shall we say, yet another divide of Have and Have Nots: She ends the class re —teaching the parts of the lesson that were not understood well by class. We don’t give ourselves Western names, although we are trained in US accents. The science teachers can use a Diagram Drawer which plays a step by step line drawing animation of say how to draw stages of DNA replication or block mountain formation.

For more information please check our website www. The smartclass system includes a virtual school, where parents, teachers and students can communicate with each other. Now all of this was possible with Educomp smartclass as it existed before CTS. Provision of digital content mapped to schools syllabus All hardware, equipment and accessories — installation and maintenance Training of teachers Support and monitoring of usage Above all, schools do not have to worry about the funds required to set up the infrastructure to run Educomp smartclass. Once you have logged into Mathguru and clicked to the correct syllabus NCERT or Common Core State Standard of America the chapters within your assigned level based on the class that you have selected , corresponding to specific board will get highlighted. As there are over 8, videos available it is possible that our coverage is more than in any other school level mathematics website.

These are launched through the engine, displayed on screen for students to answer. Edhcomp questions asked full moneyback guarantee within 7 days of purchase, in case of Visa and Mastercard payment. You can also receive quick delivery of lessons and practice sessions.

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She can get a brilliant Teaching Idea by clicking on the Teaching Idea icon before she commences teaching. Fliplearn and Vidyamandir gives only the best faculty for homewwork batch. Fortunately, with some 14, schools already embracing the system, and the number growing at rapid pace everyday, this divide is getting narrower by the day.


Frame by frame, with engaging and instructionally sound animated set of visuals while retaining complete control on the pace of delivery. For this purpose, a Test Authoring Tool has been added to the smartclass assessment application.

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Concepts are well explained by numerous experts. When Kelsey Baird began worrying about the complexity of AS-level biology she got a tutor from India. Enables instant formative assessment of learning outcomes in class. Fliplearn has world class curated digital resources to simplify your concepts and clear your doubts.

educomp online homework

Knowledge flourished freed from the centuries old bonds of books and chalk and blackboard. Now all of this was possible with Educomp smartclass as it existed before CTS.

And the teacher smiled as she onkine saw not just one, two or three but a sea of hands go up every time she asked a question. Now, imagine edufomp Science teacher explaining how a DNA replicates, a History teacher teaching a class about the Harappan Civilisation, or a Geography teacher teaching how Block mountains are formed.

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India Call centres Tutoring news. If you like what you see in Mathguru Subscribe Today. Some work in mini-call centres, fielding appeals for help from children struggling with trigonometry homework. Full flavoured US community college math courses are available.

This will make you absorb better and increase your knowledge leading to ultimate clarity.

Online education is providing a wave of new business. Mathguru has do-it-yourself activities to enhance understanding of the subject and spark interest in it. Incorporated init is now the largest technology driven education company in India. Even as it popularity grew with school after school adopting it, as pioneers we realised that we needed to keep pushing the frontiers of technology, make it adapt to changing times, make it more user friendly, more versatile and more resourceful.


Teachers can also create their own smart tests and use them in the class for assessment. GT-MA1 and so on, 30 different courses in all. Therefore, chances are that the students will be able to properly study whichever topic they desire. Improves academic performance of students.

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It also enables teachers to instantly assess and evaluate the learning achieved by their students in class. Fliplearn has changed the way I use to learn. This is likely to help in understanding better. But Ganesh stresses that this is not an issue of removing jobs from the West. She can explain the fine points of the process, zoom in to show the relevant visuals, freeze and annotate when and where she needs to emphasise.

These live and interactive classes are only to improve your studies. And the classroom became a fascinating place to be in as a new generation of learners saw instead of just homewprk told and explained for the first time how things happened. At the end of the class, the teacher asks a few random questions to assess how the class fared.

educomp online homework