If a language is expression, even silence has its own language in a romantic sense. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Dzongkha language. Intangible cultures and values under threat 2. Dzongkha was declared as the national language of Bhutan in Just before the third month of , there were around 13 suicide cases of which five are students of 15 to 17 years old Kuensel, March 4,

Cultural value and moral implications of individuals and communities are the foundation of socio-economic development of any nation. Education and awareness are some strategies that would provide sustainable solutions to such social issues. And i gon on: However, this can be a misleading term since formal letters are not necessarily only used in business. There is a positive trend in boosting dzongkha after political election in Policy makers who want to be elected or reelected , pay attention! The bold boulder business May 18,

The Dzongkha Development Commission DDC has found writint than 90 percent of Bhutanese cannot speak dzongkha properly without mixing with either other dialects or foreign languages. This dance is performed by 16 naked dancers who run from the Jampa temple door with the tune of drum beat and cymbals at mid night around a camp fire.

dzongkha essay writing

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikivoyage. Bhutan Broadcasting Service should make more programs on lozey and other cultural aspects. Let us think that the new generation take part of the digital age. A wooden frame of 3 m 9 feet high and 5 m 16 feet wide is raised as an entrance covered with cypress leaves which are put on fire. Extra marital affairs are blamed as the cause for most exsay.


dzongkha essay writing

Let us have an eye on the society: It is an oral language firstout of new technologies created in odd ages out of the digital age. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Dzongkha language. Dear Bhujolokia ; i add that the best commentator of ever in Kuensel comments is IRFAN a pseudo i read it conscienscously at every time he writes because his word are always full of wisdom or realist.

It is also a class distinction indicator and with young people it is fashionable to speak a mixed language.

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A sentence in Dzongkha is not complete without using some English words. If we can promote our national language dzongkhaa that our youth do not lose contact with their families and communities, it is already an achievement. The following parameters should be 7. Kids Opposite Word Learning. Retrieved from ” https: Intangible cultures and values under threat 2.

Culture and Development in Bhutan. If you read attentively my numerous commentsas I feelyou notice thatin every of my comments i never use bad words neither bad ideas. Dzongkhathe idiom of the largest group, the Druk-pa, is the official language. Masked dances are performed during religious festivals throughout Bhutan at different times of the year to commemorate different events. Correction in dzongkha consonant video part.


Except for installation, internet is not required to use the app. Schools can create awareness Lay Jumdray Thadamtsig during school based parenting education.

dzongkha essay writing

Not to be confused with Tsonga language. Kids Opposite Word Learning, opposite words to learn. And for international relationshipseven for touristsEnglish language is the best.

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Equivite analysis essay – lotoflearning. And all of them say that only English language is the best for any trade and employment. A certificate and dzongkha dictionary each was given to seven participants as a consolation prize. This is made worse by the new terminologies added as we keep up with scientific and technological development.

Specially some of the recommendations are for DDC are:. The performers are naked with white cloths covering their faces. English – Applied Geography British Culture since When students first enter college, they’re often puzzled by the differences in expectations ….

Khams Tibetan Tseku Khamba.