The DSP articles and essay prompt change from year to year, so if some of the students in your course are not first-year students, their DSP essays will be on a different topic than most of their classmates. Writing Workshop Writing Groups Courses. Dissertation Writing Institute Fellows Seminar. The DSP process gives students useful information about themselves as writers to help them decide which writing course to take first. Connecting DSP to the classroom is a distinguishing feature of the Michigan model. Design activities or assignments to be flexible, so that students can use other essays that they wrote in high school, or during their first semester at UM or another college or university.

Keyword Search of sweetland 0″ v-on: Many activities using the DSP essays will focus on broader issues of student writing, goal-setting, and self-assessment and need not reference the DSP articles or theme at all. DSP from the Student Perspective. Click to call Writing Workshop Writing Groups Courses. Anne Ruggles Gere, University of Michigan, argere umich. Rather than letting this become a reason not to use the DSP essays in class, instructors have found creative ways to include these students.

Compose a word essay in response to the prompt.

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Encourage use of particular adjectives: DSP is an alternative to the mandatory writing placement assessments used at many other colleges and universities, which typically rely on standardized test scores or timed impromptu essays.

Keyword Search of sweetland 0″ v-on: Your instructor for your first U-M writing course will read your essay in order to learn about your writing, and to help umixh progress as a writer in college.

Sweetland also regularly surveys instructors to gather their impressions and suggestions about how the DSP process is working. The DSP instructions that students receive includes the following: Content of comments, blog, and forum postings is copyrighted to the individual.


Upload the essay to the DSP for Writing website see step 1 above. In groups, have students list the evidence used in the article to support the claims. Instructors have come up with several ways to make their DSP-related activities and assignments relevant for these students: Have students brainstorm a list of qualities of “good college writing.

How are the DSP results used? Students who do not complete the DSP may lose their esssy in their writing course. Students then assess their own readiness for college-level writing based on this experience. The DSP will help you judge your own readiness for and comfort with college writing, and assist you in choosing your writing courses at the University. Dissertation Writing Institute Fellows Seminar.

Writing Workshop Writing Groups Courses. Take the essay and the questions seriously, so that you can make an informed choice about your first writing course at the University of Michigan.

Have students read and comment on sample DSP essays from volunteers in the class. The Xsp process gives students useful information about themselves as writers to help them decide which writing course to take first. Keyword Search of sweetland 0″ v-on: Dissertation Writing Institute Fellows Seminar.

The Sweetland Center for Writing has also compiled an extensive list of writing assignments, activities, and other ways that instructors have used the DSP essays in their courses on the Muich the DSP in the Classroom.

DSP from the Student Perspective

It was like I did it for nothing. Writing Workshop Writing Groups Courses. Ask students to recall their experience of writing the DSP essay and write reflectively about it.


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Students sometimes feel disappointed or frustrated when they work hard on an essay and receive no indication from their instructor that their writing has been read. Instructors have devised many ways to overcome this challenge: The following are just a sampling of the ways instructors from first-year writing courses have used the DSP essay in their classes included in the DSP Instructor Guide.

Based on these considerations, you will choose a writing course that will enable you to become more proficient and confident in academic umivh. This speaker will explain the rationale for and benefits of this modification. While dozens of colleges and universities use some version of DSP dssay writing placement, the University of Michigan has emerged as a national umicg in DSP development and research.

dsp essay umich

As these quotes suggest, when the connection between assessment and instruction is not made, students see the DSP process as irrelevant or even disingenuous. As researchers and administrators continued to collect data on the DSP, reflect on the changing relationship between the writing center and the institution, and revise the DSP, it became clear that the Uich DSP FYDSP did not account for the needs of certain significant student populations.

The essay I wrote xsp not brought up by my teacher so I do not even know if he read it or not. Learn more about how instructors shape DSP.

dsp essay umich