I think that a treatment of the early history is quite essential to furnish the reader with a perspective in order to enable him to judge for himself the issues involved in the currency crisis and also of the solutions offered. Refresh and try again. Skip to main content. Another consideration that seemed to have prevailed upon the Court of Directors in selecting grs. His idea of economic realism sought both freedom and welfare. Saviour of labours, brought 8 hours of duty for labours in India. But that was not enough, and the needs of the situation demanded a common currency based on a single unit in place of a uniform currency.

TNow it will be seen from the figures given that all the import of silver was coined and used up for currency purposes. On 9 May, he read his paper Castes in India: The actual value of the coin cannot, however, always be in exact agreement with its certified value. Under such circumstances exchange was not liquidated by obtaining in return for wares the requisite bullion value from the coins tendered in payment. And as the paper currency gave no relief, the entire stress fell upon silver. But with the desire for uniformity of coinage consequent upon unification, there arose a problem either of selecting one of the old systems or of adopting a new one which would be common to the whole country.

The inadequacy of a currency medium therefore continued to be felt as acutely as before, notwithstanding the introduction of a paper currency.

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teh The Government of Bengal had a peoblem bigger problem to handle. Reviewing the preference of the Court of Directors for monometallism from the vantage-ground of latter-day events, one might be inclined to look upon it as a little too short-sighted. To ask other readers questions about The Problem of the Rupeeplease sign up. But to do so was also to make the rupee grs. Bhushan Kapse rated it it was amazing Nov 09, As this traditional policy of hostility continued even after the Tuesis had ceased to be a body of merchant princes, banks did not grow with the growth of trade.

It was rightly seen as a fitting, though belated, tribute to one of the builders of Modern India. It is an opinion supported by the best authorities, and proved by experience, that coins of gold and silver cannot circulate as legal tenders of payment at fixed relative values B R Ambedkar caravan Public Figure.


Ambedkar, rupee and our current troubles

It is noteworthy that just about this time great changes were taking place in the economy of the Indian people. Economic Upliftment of Indian Women.

But it is to be remembered that the circulating coins on India, by reason of the circumstance attendant upon the diversity in their fineness and legal tender, formed so many different species that an exchange against a particular species did not necessarily close the transaction; the coin must, in certain circumstances, have been only an intermediate to be further bartered against another, and so on till the one of the requisite species was obtained.

However, for the sudden volte-face displayed therein, the Currency Act XVII of will ever remain memorable in the annals of the Indian history. Ambedkar Productivity of agriculture is related to not only with the size of holdings of land but also with other factors such as capital, labour and other inputs. This change brought down the legal ratio to Here are some of Dr. Not being able to preserve them from rain and ants, he might have had to pay a heavy discount to be rid of the notes he could have been forced to accept.

The objections to the plan could hardly be concealed.

dsc thesis the problem of rupee

I think that a treatment of the early history is quite essential to furnish the reader with a perspective in order to enable him to judge for himself the issues involved in the currency crisis and also of the solutions offered. It marked the culminating-point of a long and arduous process of monetary reform and placed India on a silver monometallic basis, with a rupee weighing grs.

While some people regard that Report as classical for its wisdom, I regard it as classical for its nonsense. I do not share that view.

The Legend Guru Ravidass Ji. So long as gold was undervalued, it would not circulate at all.

dsc thesis the problem of rupee

Pramod Magre rated it liked it May 24, The only way open, when the prohibitions were withdrawn to obtain precious metals, was to ddsc more goods than this amount of tribute, so that the balance might bring them in. As a matter of fact, although each Presidency had its own fiscal system, yet they depended upon one another for the finance of their deficits.


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Up tothe Gold Exchange Standard was not the avowed goal of the Government of India in the matter of Indian Currency, and although the Chamberlain Commission appointed in that year had reported in favour of dzc continuance, the Government of India had promised not to carry its recommendations into practice till the war was over and an opportunity had been given to the public to criticize them.

Ru;ee Bombay mohur contained How can this trading of products take place without money? But they seemed to have held that as the money used by their subjects was made by them, they could do what they liked with their own, and proceeded to debase their coinage to the extent each chose without altering the denominations.

To avoid this loss of revenue, the Government began to take steps to encourage the coinage of gold. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s thoughts has a great impact on current Indian currency system.

The Problem of the Rupee: its origin and its solution

Had there been any credit media the contraction of currency might not have been felt as severely as it was. It locked up when it should have released its hoards, and released its hoards when it should have locked them up.

dsc thesis the problem of rupee

Another is to set up an international commission to issue an international paper currency so regulated in amount as to preserve an approximately stable value.