You will be happy and gain a thorough knowledge about the rules in different games. The flight was cancelled. I am Senushka Ellepola. She is my mother. Senanayake, Prime Minister of the dominion of Ceylon. There are indoor games and outdoor games. His state funeral followed with over 32, people taking part in the funeral procession with the stage barring the coffin drawn by sailors of the Royal Ceylon Navy.

Views Read Edit View history. Senanayake’s government introduced the Ceylon Citizenship Act which was passed by parliament on 20 August and became law on 15 November He came to London in January last year for the meeting of Commonwealth prime ministers. The “Independence Bill of Ceylon” was passed in December We must never hurt our parents by words. Colombo, city, executive and judicial capital of Sri Lanka. He steered the nation on the path to freedom, geared the country to achieve self-sufficiency in food by restoring almost all the ancient irrigation tanks and initiated colonisation schemes to boost agriculture, which were and still are the main source of income of the rural masses.

I did this exam as well as I could. Retrieved from ” https: In other projects Wikimedia Commons. On the morning of 22 March,the first Prime Minster of Independent Ceylon, Don Stephen Senanayake was on the Police horse mare Chithra at the Galle Face Green as he was known to often ride for a while in the early hours, after he wakes up every day at 4 a.


In he became the first Ceylonese to be appointed a member of the Privy Council.

ds senanayake essay

His riding companion Sir Richard Aluvihare, riding behind him, a witness to the fateful incident, had seen the Premier lilt in an uncharacteristic fashion, and then fall off the horse. It lives with a very good person who has a quiet little dog. I was most excited and was studying very diligently. He died on July 30, Jayawardena Pieter Keuneman Wilmot A.

He used me on his notebooks. On most days I will myself to dream.

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Sesadi Gamage Grade 7 St. We should love our parents, feed them and obey them. His full name is Lamahevage Don Martin.

ds senanayake essay

Terrorism has come back to Sri Lanka. Other Funday Times Articles. Kids Essays View s: In the morning they found that the sapling had taken root in the soil where they had left it.

He managed the Kahatagaha graphite mines which was owned by his brother F. I senanayakee hard for my term test.

D.S. Senanayake – The Father of the Nation

They brought their problems esay well as their disputes to him and it is said that an aggrieved party in the village rarely resorted to a court of law, for Senanayake was judge and arbitrator in all causes which they referred to him. He has written 87 literature books, 30 novels and ten short stories. This site uses cookies.


ds senanayake essay

My parents are very keen that I should do higher studies. The nomination of Edirimanasinghe Mudaliyar in gave a long run to a single family with its roots in Manipay. But it was D. Senanayake with his signature orchid lapel.

From there we proceeded to Trincomalee. Find us on Facebook.

Senanayake held the portfolio of Ministry of External Affairs and Defence. At the end of the nineteenth century, many Sinhalese families interested themselves in the public life of the country.

D. S. Senanayake

I am happy that I got good marks for all the subjects and showed my teachers that I have learnt what they have taught us. By doing sports one can develop a good personality. It also lists the names of his mines and coconut estates.