Friedwas referring to Donald Judd’sclaim that”the bestnew workin thelast fewyearshas been neitherpaintingnor sculpture,”made in his article”SpecificObjects,”ArtsYearbook,8 , They consistedof multiple projectionsof mm. Nearly everything I write is written initially as a talk, even the chapters of this book. That took much of the burden off of them, and eventually that group of editors brought in their former students—a whole new generation of people to bring material to the magazine. Even an opposition between ARTnews and Artforum was not something that I fully understood, though I think I looked up to Artforum because it seemed to be the more truly intellectual journal. The presencebeforehim was a presence. Georgia is a State , and Georgia on my Mind —awful.

That distanceis all that thesepicturessignify. Art in the Crisis of Representation , a exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles examined the work of American artists born between and who used mass media imagery. Roland Barthes,”The Third Meaning: David Velasco is editor of artforum. A Conversation with Douglas Eklund”. Like the contortionist and gymnastof Goldstein’searlierperformances, theywere there,performing in the space of the but spectators, they neverthelesslooked virtual, dematerialized, likethevivid but nebulous of images holograms. Roget’sThesaurusgivesa child’s ofmemory definition as “thethingI forget with.

As it turns out, The Jump is comprised of footage appropriated from a film by Leni Riefenstahl, but the artist kept this backstory largely unknown. And thepainting thus sharesin thatkind of doiglas medium thatwe recognizepreciselyas modernist. Crjmp as activist, editor, author, or participant, Crimp has played a key role in the construction, representation and interpretation of this history. The expression of that desire to make the pictureyield a realitythat it pretendsto contain is the subject of the work of Troy Brauntuch.

I began reading art magazines in college because of my friendship with studio art students. The University of Chicago Press,p. A diverleaps, somersaults,plunges, and disintegrates.


Goldstein’s mannerof stagingtheimage is perfectly exemplifiedbythetechniqueused forThe Jump,the of a technique rotoscopy, process thatis botha trace ing and an effacement of the filmedimage, a drawing thatis simultaneouslyan erasure. I think I got a scholarship because there was a sort of affirmative action for people douglqs states that were underrepresented—that was their notion of diversity at the time.

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For the longest time I was hoping something would come along to displace Octoberbut now the art world has so much going on, so many different things—certain kinds of people read October and others read the Brooklyn Rail or Cabinet or Artforum or Bomb or blogs on the internet.

As opposed to the view outside, however, these mediated pictures come and go, and it is this fleeting operation that informed their output above all.

The Photographic Activity of Postmodernism. With contemporary art, we all live in this world, or these many overlapping worlds. That is the one thing about disco comparable to any other experience. So that is one origin of the book. The book is a hybrid of memoir, history, and criticism—and, importantly, pictures. Before Picturesby Douglas Crimp. Although lots of memoirs are full of far more vicious gossip. I see the polarity in this book not as emotional and intellectualbut something more like autobiographical and critical.

Before Pictures, New York City — through October 22, featuring art discussed in his book. In each of Goldstein’sfilms,performances,photographs,and phonograph records,a psychologizedtemporalityis instituted: Joseph Cornell, Rose Hobart It became a kind of keynote for Greater New York because it was the work you encountered in the double-height space just off the lobby.

This is art in the age of the triumph of the media, which is to say an age in which the media are always dissembling. I want to reclaim that era of gay life in the positive light in which I experienced it for its present radical potential. The interdisciplinary aspect that characterized the first ten years largely disappeared.


I enjoy writing and I work hard at the craft of it. The confrontationof the two images is structuredin such a way that theymustbe read througheach other: I have no idea whether or how much he might have overcome that shyness as years went by.

douglas crimp pictures essay 1979

Thus the performancesof Jack Goldstein do not, as had usually been the case, involve the artist’sperformingthework,butratherthepresentationofan eventin such a mannerand at such a distance thatit is apprehendedas representation- representationnot, however, conceived as the re-presentation of that which is prior, but as the unavoidable condition of intelligibilityof even that which is present.

Like the contortionist and gymnastof Goldstein’searlierperformances, theywere there,performing in the space of the but spectators, they neverthelesslooked virtual, dematerialized, likethevivid but nebulous of images holograms.

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That opens a crimmp of worms, ethically, regarding how to represent others. We do not know what is happening in these pictures,but we know forsure thatsomethingis happening, and thatsomething is a fictionalnarrative. Crimp was then a graduate student at the City University of New York, a young academic critic. Such an elaboratemanipulation of theimage does not reallytransform it; it fetishizesit.

douglas crimp pictures essay 1979

It is a political goal. Rather,each diver burstslike fireworks into thecenter of the frameand withina split second disappears.