Eng, at least, generally are expected to produce ‘concrete, discrete, or certain’ original contributions to either engineering research, or a practical technical problem. I can take your pitcha? After a long spell performing in direct-to-video films since , Lundgren returned to Hollywood in with the role of Gunnar Jensen in The Expendables , alongside Sylvester Stallone and an all-action star cast. I don’t think he’s done that, yet. I have to be positive. I met her six years ago when she was living in New York. Videohound’s Golden Movie Retriever

Then she decided I was on the wrong track…too bloody late! So impressed right now. A master’s, also in Chemical Engineering, followed from the University of Sydney, Australia, where the well-traveled Swede finished with the top marks in the class. Ah, he didn’t do a traditional dissertation: Skyhorse Publishing, accessed via Amazon. Retrieved 23 April One review said “the narrative is laughably stupid” and the DVD and Video Guide to said, “dull, lightweight, made-for-TV action fully to a satisfying climax”.

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His dissertation was a slam dunk | MetaFilter

O’Neal of Los Angeles, formerly of Orlando. But alas, Shaq is getting not a PhD but a Ed.

dolph lundgren master thesis

It’s just that the contribution may not be a ‘peer-reviewed’ paper. When I get kids, maybe. Filmed from below so that one has the sense of peering up at a massive kinetic sculpture, his glistening torso, which over the course of the film is subjected to assorted tortures, is the movie’s primary visual focus whenever the action doolph down. It was described by Lundgren as “an old-school, kick-ass action movie where people are fighting with knives and shooting at each other.


The man earned an EdD.

Dolph Lundgren: The Action Man Who Fell to Earth

Archived from the original on 10 March Navigators, Swedes are navigators. Murray Abraham and Ornella Muti.

dolph lundgren master thesis

This reminds me how a friend and I once skimmed a copy a X-Files fan bio that describes how the masher Fox Mulder was a grad student at Yale studying with J. Archived from the original on 13 February Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: However, his early acting career was punctuated by roles of lundgreen rather different nature. The Motion Picture Guide, Annual: Described as having “an unusually high metabolism for productivity,” Franco earned his undergraduate degree in Creative Writing in Plus, I have two young children who have lived through this doctorate so far, and they need closure.

InLundgren directed and starred in the Mongolia -based action adventure, Diamond Dogs. We’re a few weeks away from jaster release of Dark Phoenix, the final installment in the increasingly complicated X-Men film series.

dolph lundgren master thesis

He has stated that, during his tirades, his father would call him a “loser,” which motivated him later as he grew more ambitious to prove himself. The Expendables 4 will arrive in “www. Why do some students complete a PhD and others drop out? O’Neal is quite tall. Plenty of professionals have successful careers without contributing a whit to the progress of their disciplines other than by serving as competent members thereof.


InLundgren starred in Craig R. Emmet WalshAl WhiteT. Encyclopedia of the modern Olympic movement. Most business execs got to where they were by being a certain way, and they’re not going to change, so they’re often penny wise but pound foolish. I will cure this rat of something?

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Dolph Lundgren

It was a nightmare at the time. Olympic Modern Pentathlon team during the Atlanta Gamesto promote the image of the sport and to coordinate planning and other details between the team and the United States Olympic Committee.

Retrieved 22 May I don’t think he’s done that, yet. O’Neal would be one kick-ass educational lawyer if he decides to do law school and stay in the field of education. He does what he wants and has fun doing it, and it’s never that idiotic trash-a-hotel-room kind of “fun” that some famous people do.