The Ghost in the Camera. They were going to make it into a book because Dr. I have been lying in my pretense of them. The case remains an intriguing and interesting story in the history of psychiatry. When Sybil first came out in , not only did it shoot to the top of the best-seller lists — it manufactured a psychiatric phenomenon. She was sitting right in that chair there, and she said, “But if we don’t call it a multiple personality, we don’t have a book! American Psychological Association,

Wilbur’s house to take care of her when she contracted Parkinson’s disease. An interview with Herbert Spiegel. Rather than a classic example of multiple personality disorder, Sybil may instead serve better as an example of the power of co-dependence and transference in the therapeutic relationship. She fled her life and moved into a home near Wilbur. Sybil is one of the most popularly known individuals who had multiple personality disorder, largely because of a book published in the s that detailed her experience and that of her psychiatrist in trying to help treat her. We both know there is.

The 16 Personalities of Sybil

Mason became unusually attached to her psychiatrist, Dr. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. Famous multiple personality case was a stranger in our midst”. Spiegel’s hypnosis sessions to Dr. Retrieved April 2, But if Schreiber had doubts, she suppressed them.


And while it indeed may dissocaitive been a diagnosis that was abused in the past, I hazard to guess that few clinicians do so today. But one day, Mason came into Dr. I am all of them.

Some people in Mason’s home visorder, reading the book, recognized Mason as Sybil. Her life was purportedly described, with adaptations to protect her anonymity, in in the book Sybilsubtitled The True Story of a Woman Possessed by 16 Separate Personalities. Views Read Edit View history.

dissociative identity disorder case study sybil

Mason’s diagnosis and treatment sthdy Cornelia B. The most significant impacts of Sybil were to bring the idea of Multiple Personality Syndrome to the general public’s attention, and the controversy which followed in psychiatric circles.

dissociative identity disorder case study sybil

In the early s, Mason was a substitute teacher and a student at Columbia University. Flora Rheta Schreiber ‘s non-fiction book Sybil: His specialty was hypnosis, and he often hypnotized Mason. Wilbur had been unable to get it published in professional journals. At the center was a real person who was suffering from a real illness. Nathan ascribes Mason’s physical and sensory issues to a lifelong case of pernicious anemiathe symptoms of which were mistaken at the time for psychogenic issues.

The book and movie ifentity told the story of a woman purported to have Multiple Personality Syndrome.

dissociative identity disorder case study sybil

Learn more about multiple personality disorder An introduction to multiple personalities Read the full story: It was during these sessions that he began to realize that the various personalities might not be exactly what he’d been told they were. It was the disease of the day, trendy and new identoty flashy. But is it true?


The book was a hit, selling six million copies in its first four years. Mason lived in the shadows until her death in The book and subsequent film caused an enormous spike in reported cases of multiple personality disorder.

Was Sybil Faking Multiple Personalities?

Wilbur and Schreiber asked Dr. But she had a very nice little piece of psychoanalytic theory to rationalize not giving it up. Mason died on February 26, In her later years, debate raged over whether the woman upon whom Sybil was based indeed had multiple personalities, or was faking the whole thing, or whether she had some other disorder that compelled her to fake them.

We both know there is. She was eager to give her psychiatrist what she wanted. She uses the pseudonym “Sylvia” to protect Mason’s identity:.