Only standards terms and abbreviations must be used if needed in the dissertation. List of Abbreviations A list of all the abbreviations used in the dissertation along with full words is written on separate page s and numbered in Roman numerals. Data collected by others, whether published or unpublished, must be acknowledged whenever included. The trainee is expected to check all parts of each reference against the original publication, before the manuscript of the Dissertation is submitted to R. Only pertinent references are cited but not extensively reviewed in this section. The dedication is written in the center of a separate page in one or two lines and numbered in Roman numerals. Should reflect the objectives of the study.

Only standard abbreviations are used in the dissertation. The next reference will be marked as number “2” at superscript or in parenthesis and listed at number “2” in the References section and so on. If one statistical test has been used throughout the manuscript, the test should be clearly stated in the methods section. The limitations of the study should be discussed, including possible sources of bias and how these problems might affect conclusions and generatizability. A brief statement about what statistical procedures have been used.

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Objectives are statements of mentions. Should reflect the objectives of the study. Number of subjects in the study at its inception.

Results The results should be in logical sequence with the main results being stated first. Verbosity must be avoided. The statistical tests mentioned in the dissertation must have proper references to enable an assessor or reader to verify the reported results.


Similarities and differences between the findings of the study and those of others should be brought out and explained through a review of the literature.

Before writing introduction in the dissertation, the trainee should study relevant literature retrieved from published papers. All pages must have serial numbers at upper right hand corner. Probability or Non probability. Key words are included with structured abstract.

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Name and place where the research work has been conducted — community based or facility based e. Conclusion s This is the last section of the text in which conclusions or inferences drawn on the basis of the results of study are described.

When using for the first time, a full word or phrase, together with its abbreviation in bracket except for standard measurement unitsmust be mentioned. The font size should be How many patients will be included. It cpep essential to also include a review of the local literature.

Symbols and abbreviations, if used, must be explained in the footnote of each table. References in the text, tables and legends are identified by Arabic numerals within parenthesis. The abstract should be in structured form and should have headings of objective, design ,settings, subjects, interventions if applicable ,main outcome measures results and conclusions. The dissertation must be secured with spiral binding. This reference will then be listed at serial number “1” in the References section of the Dissertation.


Format of Synopsis 2. The Dissertation must contain 15, to 20, words i. A brief statement about what statistical procedures have been used.

If a hypothesis existed, whether the hypothesis was supported or refuted by the results should be addressed.

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Structured Abstract It is the first section of the dissertation. Title Page It is the very first page of dissertation.

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May be required in some cases. It must have 4-cm margin, at all 4 sides of each page.

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A hypothesis is a statement showing expected relation between two variables. When data is statistically analyzed, information should be included about the tests of significance such as chi-square or t-test used, obtained magnitude or value of the test, the degrees of freedom, the probability level.

May be required in some synopses. However, older references can be cited provided they are relevant and historical. The synopsis is a brief out line submissioh four A-4 size pages or words is the maximum limit of your future work.

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Measurement, units of length, height, weight and volume mentioned in the dissertation must be in metric system i. A research must define how a vague term will be measured.