Final exam of Susann Santag on September 26, His principal supervisor was Heiner Wedemeyer. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Thesis submission Sabine Stegemann. She studied biochemistry in Greifswald and completed her studies in Prof. He is currently in the process of specialist training as thorax surgeon. In fact, in a article in the German magazine Spiegel Online , the Heidelberg expert Jungebluth was excitingly talking about the potential of 3D-printed plastic trachea grafts.

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Thesis submission

Bibliometric analysis for citations collected from the doctoral dissertations on the English language and literature accepted by Dr. Her principal supervisor was Ulrich Kalinke. Many of these patients are dead, exact number of those still alive is unknown.

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The title of her doctoral thesis is “Identification of fitness determinants in Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection”. The title of her diploma thesis, performed at the Hannover Medical School in Prof.

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Philipp Jungebluth is employed as junior doctor in the Thorax Clinic since Like Walles in court, Zorn pretended that Macchiarini never used bioartificial trachea grafts, only those made out of plastic. But in their narrative, it worked perfectly.

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What if MHH simply waits for dust to settle and the big clinical trial funding for trachea transplants to come to them anytime, hence their insistence to keep Macchiarini their adjunct professor?

MH-Hannover: Thesis submission

According to abstract authors, all operations received full ethics approval from authorities, which we now know dossertation not always the case. The transplant failed spectacularly, the patient DD almost died.


Scientists may wish to obtain certain results with animal experiments which only can be obtained by performing experiments against animal experimentation legislation. All didsertation need is: Inwhen pig experiments were finalised for publication, the second human research object was employed, the patient DD.

dissertation mhh 2010

In February Miriam Kiene passed her doctoral exam. Macchiarini afterwards went on presenting DD as full success in a talk to Royal Society of Medicine inhe and Jungebluth then did same in their common manuscript from You are commenting cissertation your WordPress.

After some time as a postdoc in Prof. Mikael Rhen’s group at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

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Haag is not among the approved persons in the Careggi animal ethics approval submitted in support of the EU Biotrachea grant application. After continuing his work as a postdoc in Andreas Klos’ work group at the Institute of Microbiology and Hospital Epidemiology Pavel Dutow now works for the Volkswagen Foundation as a funding director.

dissertation mhh 2010

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