Within the context of this thesis the change of values in the Ruhr area is of special interest. How does spiritual tourism affects on sustainability? In addition, the absence of scientific evidence of how sport activities contribute to dealing with social issues still indicates a significant gap between theory and practice. First of all, as a Ph. The conferred degree options are: This dissertation aims to carry out an in-depth analysis of modern sports with a focus on the impact of societal and economic factors on their development. Further information can be found here.

Although, sport is a widely autonomous system that follows specific rules and dynamics it is open to the allocation of meanings and new functions but also to societal changes. On the effect of brightness differences when deciding on offside situations in football. Sport serves in particular to form national group identities, fosters international understanding, enhances cooperation and exposes the individual. This allows for a feedback loop towards two fundamental theoretical positions of European integration and relevant research: South Korea has become a sports power in the world with the help of huge investment in elite athlete development system and successful holding mega event such as the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup. Especially in quick team and racket sports athletes and players are constantly confronted with situations, in which the simultaneous perception of several stimuli and objects e. The ongoing revolutions in the Arabic world will not only impact the society but also the sports system by changing the framing circumstances and the functions or meanings of sport.

dissertation dshs köln

Sport serves in particular to form national group identities, fosters international understanding, enhances cooperation and exposes the individual. The importance of a sport club is based of its memberships, its resources and its financial possibilities.


Further information can disseration found here. Thereby, a stakeholder approach will be taken. Theoretical approaches will be conducted as groundwork. Which are the main motives of the target group for a spiritual travel based on yoga?

PhD program – German Sport University Cologne

The health and physical activity of children and teenager currently counts as polarizing topic. The dissertation wants to consider and analyse these changes of the sport system among the current societal and political transformations. Mario Thevis Vorsitzender Jun. These questions are to be considered in this dissertation project before it is determined which effects, opportunities and limits this has for the destination that offers dissretation tourism. The respective language requirements have to be fulfilled:.

A document analysis will be carried out by gathering documents and data where three cases will be examined in depth. The aim of this project is to answer these questions and to set up a concept for destinations using the example of Marocco. This study will be carried out with high-class referees thanks to a close collaboration with the club.

With a combination of theoretical approaches coming from Sports Europeanization, Sports Globalization and Sports Governance, he aims to discover how the increase of the possibilities to recruit basketball players has affected the youth development programs in these countries. Is it the search for calm and relaxation with spiritual added value?

dissertation dshs köln

Sportpolicy of the Ukraine – from the beginning of the independence until today: Modern sports — a trade-off kölb societal and economic influencing factors Start of Research: Please click here for an overview of all scientific institutes with the respective contacts: The applicant is responsible for identifying and recruiting a supervisor for the respective dissertztion. Thesis papers and dissertations Courses Internship Close cluster foldout. As of now bachelor and master students can write their thesis paper on the abovementioned subject.


Daniel Memmert and Ann-Kathrin Holzamer.


You can find further information in our data privacy statement. Despite increasing interests in SFD programmes, however, Korean sport policy in relation to SFD programmes tends to be political and short-termism for hosting mega event. The research interprets sports development by integrating macro and meso levels of analysis to explain the complicated Korean society. Please keep in mind that there is no application deadline for the PhD studies.

Dissertation: Volker Czimek

These initiatives are analysed in this work with regard to their successes and limits. Therefore, the purpose of this dissertatiion is to analyze sports development in South Korea, where it lacks of data about sport policy which adopted the macro and meso level approaches. Building on this, expert interviews will be undertaken which will be evaluated with qualitative content analysis. Furthermore, the research focuses on deriving a “Spiritual and Life Coaching” model for the professional German soccer within reflecting the boundaries and possibilities of such a coaching model.

Potentials and limits of yoga tourism for the development of destinations: Is kööln the stress and escaping from everyday life? It was dsshs that sport is not only an important tool in the educational sector, but also in the areas of health promotion, violence preventiongender equalitygood governanceinclusion or environment.

On the effect of brightness differences when deciding on offside situations in football.