Final exam of Natalia Torow September 22, Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Heiner Wedemeyer, ; Prof. HBRS includes the following programs: Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Final exam of Sandra Billig May 31,

Principles of vertebrate and non-vertebrate development, embryogenesis and foetal period focus on inner organs ; genetic and epigenetic principles of development; model organisms; transgenic models gain of function and loss of function ; tissue specific transgenesis. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Final exam of Juliane Krebes October 28, Kopie 1. HBRS includes the following programs: Deadline for applications is April 1st. Final exam of Andrea Blanka on May 28,

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Final exam of Katharina Borst June 26, There are tutorials and methodological seminars in small groups. Since all my previous emails to Zorn went unanswered, I forwarded my original inquiry as a complaint to the responsible authority, namely Office for Data Protection dissdrtation the state Lower Saxony.

Professor Macchiarini, because Medical University of Hannover wants it so – For Better Science

A critical re-evaluation of CDpositivity of human embryonic stem cells differentiated into pancreatic progenitors. MicroRNA target sites as genetic tools to enhance promoter-reporter specificity for the purification of pancreatic progenitor cells from differentiated embryonic stem cells.


A reliable and efficient protocol for human pluripotent stem cell differentiation into the definitive endoderm based on dispersed single cells.

Final exam mmhh Anne Frentzen on July 22, In a nutshell, this means MHH can only grant the adjunct professorship to Macchiarini for as long as he is teaching their students.

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More on this soon]. Final exam of Juliane Krebes October 28, Kopie 1. The 3-years curriculum is interdisciplinary and covers the following subjects: PhD students work independently on highly competitive and grant funded research projects.

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My investigations led to a legal action of the Walles couple against myself. In addition, there is training and supervision particularly within the selected research projects. Reversal of diabetes through gene therapy of diabetic rats by hepatic insulin expression via lentiviral transduction. Strukturierte Doktorandenausbildung – StrucMed Dr.

PhD Program ‘Regenerative Sciences’. Thesis submission Sabine Stegemann.

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Ulrich Martin; since Ulrich Kalinke, from The objective of both programs is to investigate the complex interactions between host and pathogen as well as basic research with the combined tools of immunology, cell biology and molecular biology. The anterior-posterior patterning of definitive endoderm generated from human embryonic stem cells depends on the differential signaling of retinoic acid, Wnt- and BMP-signaling.


There is no such freedom of information act in Lower Saxony.

dissertation 2013 mhh

Final exam of Dorothea Bankwitz on September 5, This PhD study course is designed for students with an M. Professorial dissertation to Dr.

dissertation 2013 mhh

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Final exam of Maxi Scheiter on July 12, In addition, seminars are offered to specific research topics of molecular medicine. Humour is when you are still laughing.

Seminars, courses and research projects are offered in following areas:. The three forms of Good Practice: Final exam of Susann Santag on September 26, Final exam of Eugenia Gripp June 5,