Last but not least, during my studies I continuously trained myself in Microscopy and Modelling. Lateral Organs of the Root are formed below the epidermal, cortical and endodermal tissue, namely in the Pericycle. Doctoreren aan Vlaamse universiteiten — Synthesenota en aanbevelingen. Journal of Informetrics, 6 1 , Help Center Find new research papers in:

Journal of Informetrics http: This tissue harbours cells with stem cell competences. Three dimensional reconstruction of a Arabidopsis thaliana leaf surface. In this review we highlight the different mechanisms which are known to mediate root growth with a particular focus on the impact of cap cells. Stem cells and their daughter cells create distances in between.

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Research Evaluation, 17 1 Nov – until now sabbatical member in Society. Astronomy and Astrophysics, 3 Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Regular spacing between lateral roots are necessary to allow an efficient growth during the exploration of the root tip in the soil.

Comoving-frame calculations for l Cephei.

Current Science, 95 9 Some plants grow for many years, always keeping their shape through the decades, always vitqe the outer spheres with their growing branches. Alle these observations have been disturbed in the ashr3 mutant. Morphogenesis of the Arabidopsis root cap.


From the QC, cells arise in all directions, organized by the stem cells currciulum contribute with specified daughter-cells to the different tissue growth. Contributions in policy documents and reports at the regional level Vercoutere, K. Report of a policy study for the Flemish ministry of Education, April – Julyintermediate report: Kumpf, Joachim Schachtner, Ernst A.

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Bibliometric approximation of a scientific specialty by combining key sources, vlqams words, authors and references. Three dimensional reconstruction of a Arabidopsis thaliana leaf surface.

In this study we show, that the programmed cell death of root cap cells contribute with its regularity to the priming of founder cells in the pericycle. Moller, Noemi Skorzinski, Maria F. Most recent Rons, N.

Due the rigidity and stiffness of cell walls, which strongly contribute to the overall stability of the plant body, the reverse process of soften or degrading cell wall material requires a series of enzymes.

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Help Center Find new research papers in: Research evaluation per discipline: Doctoreren vlaxms Vlaamse universiteiten The Unbearable Lightness of Ranking. Click here to sign up. A new way to calculate doublet P-Cygni profiles. Experiences from a dedicated funding program. Conference, Lissabon, Portugal, June Conferences and workshops primarily aimed at a national or regional audience Open Science on the Move.


Please do not hesitate to contact me, vitaee case of your wish for a common exploration within a collaboration! Delta, Tijdschrift voor Hoger Onderwijs, 18,in Dutch. Another h-type index for institutional evaluation. The synchronisation even continues than cells enter further differentiation, characterized by the Endo-reduplication cycle and consequently higher ploidy levels.

Quantitative CV-based indicators for research quality, validated by peer review.

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Aandachtspunten in het Onderzoeksbeleid. With this software it was possible for me to follow stem cells of the root apical meristem over a period of 7days, including all formative divisions, leading to the complex organ structure of the Arabidopsis root cap. Journal of Informetrics http:

curriculum vitae vlaams