Use columns, bullets, tabs, lists and centering to help separate information and grouping relevant information into sections. This could be immediately following your interview or several days after. Forces you to share information in a certain order rather than relating it to your career goal If you’ve held several similar positions, the statements under each one may be too repetitive. Here are a few working templates to help you get the ball rolling. Professional memberships or affiliations — Professional associations or informal professional groups you’re a member of.

Note on reference letters: While in your program, you should look for opportunities to build these sections of your CV: If you’re asked for a hard copy They scan and skim them, and may spend only 10 seconds making an initial assessment. Follow the instructions carefully.

Return to primary navigation. Stick with a font size of 11 or 12 point for the basic text. Relevant work experience — A summary of work experience that is relevant to your current goal. Use a CV when you:. Employers usually prefer to contact your references directly.

Résumés and CVs

It includes both a competency and accomplishment section organized by theme, and some descriptive ucic under each position you have held. Skip to secondary navigation.

If you’re asked for a hard copy Your document should be pleasing to look at with a good balance of text and white space. Keep formatting consistent, e. Use these tips to maximize your impression! If you’re at the beginning of your career, provide a complete list of your work experience back to your first job.


curriculum vitae uvic

We’ve broken down the differences below. Update your references or contact your existing references at the beginning of your work search to let them know someone may be calling.

Résumés and CVs – University of Victoria

Note on reference letters: If there is not enough immediate information that connects you with the position, they may not bother looking at the rest. Technical expertise — Often used by people in scientific or technical professions and includes relevant techniques, processes and equipment.

Effective use of these formatting options can give it a professional look, but overusing them can make it difficult to scan effectively. Professional service — A list of academic committees that you have belonged to, as well as your contributions to professional organizations e. Your competencies are grouped in an order that relates best to your career goal Employers have some information about your responsibilities and accomplishments curricjlum each of your positions Disadvantages: A list of your published work, including the names of the publications.

Return to page content. In cruriculum cases, you may want to divide your work experience into two separate lists Related Work Experience and Additional Work History to highlight your most relevant experience.

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Make sure you have a professional email address and voicemail message. Traditionally, competencies are only curriculum minimally on a CV. This makes it easier to scan. CV template CV sample – university professor.

Showcase your background prior to a presentation Check out our What is a CV and what does it include resource if you’d like a PDF version. Were there excessive absences? Professional memberships or affiliations — Professional associations or informal professional groups you’re a member of.


References — Your references are three to four people who know you, generally from a work or educational setting, and who are willing to be contacted by a potential employer in order to comment on your contributions, personal qualities and vitse ethic. This is because d ifferent types of work require you to highlight different uviv of your experience, and an employer needs to see quickly and clearly how your background meets their needs they shouldn’t have to work hard to see the connection!

curriculum vitae uvic

Use the same font throughout your document changing fonts can make it look sloppy. Put your most important information near the top. While in your program, you should look for opportunities to build these sections of your CV: Biochemistry and Microbiology third year Chemistry second year Chemistry fourth year Earth and Ocean Sciences fourth year Kinesiology third year Physics and Astronomy second year Physics and Astronomy third year Physics and Astronomy fourth year Physics third year Recreation and Health Education third year.