The following are the circumstances in which your CV format might change: It’s Fast and Easy to Use. Show recruiters you keep up with the latest trends by choosing one of our modern curriculum vitae templates. The type of job and in which sector you are applying for It is not uncommon to see the education section and work experience section of a CV being swapped around depending on the type of job applied for… Some job vacancies put a lot of emphasis on formal education and therefore the format of your CV should accommodate this and place the education section before your work experience. This simple template is ideal for online applications that use an applicant tracking system ATS. Simple yet elegant, the Air template is traditional in its presentation, but its two-tone theme and timeline-like structure give it a modern flair that will not fail to impress. This colourful template is guaranteed to catch the eye of any employer.

Again, write in reverse chronological order including your job title, the organisation you worked for and dates just the year is sufficient. The first page should always feature your name, contact details and personal statement at the top, but the order in which you include the rest depends on the type of resume format you decide to use. Actuarial employers are sure to receive a huge amount of job applications for every vacancy, so your CV is vitally important. What is important in a CV template? It supports two columns of resume content and subtle colour customization, making it ideal for job-seekers of all kinds. Personal information name, contact details and address Personal profile Career Summary Education Work experience Skills and Achievements Hobbies and interests References It is very important to get this CV structure correct.

The important thing to keep in mind when choosing a CV template is the position you apply to. Most experts suggest limiting your resume to just one or two pages. No credit card required. Great for executives and experienced professionals, this tasteful template features powerful, solid blocks of colour and two differently sized columns to suit skills and experience from any field.


You should not include a photo if you work in a more conservative field and will be applying to the job in the traditional way. The Chloe template’s sleek two-column design and stylish format convey resume details simply and directly, and the subtle color customization provides a splash of character.

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Find out more about actuarial work experience here. It is a great format for both fresh and experienced job seekers looking to add some character to their resume. A skills based CV abandons the traditional chronological format and instead emphasises vitas skills and achievements.

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Sections should be easy to scan. Email your thoughts and feedback to us. If you are looking for tips on writing your resume, you may want to check out our resume guide.

You may have the best education, work experience and skills but if your CV layout and presentation is not professional and well-presented, then your CV is most likely going into the bin.

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It is not written chronologically but under headings which prioritise and match the skills the employer is looking for. If you speak any languages, play an instrument, have achieved recognised IT or any other non-academic qualifications, have a driving licence, or any qualification related to your extra-curricular activities, include them here. Clear, legible section headings make your CV easy to read quickly. The Marketing template is an online resume with a prominent banner image.

Search for Careers Advice. Is it neat and well laid out? Get the interview with the most popular CV templates. The Monaco template is simple and elegant in its presentation of information, and its customizable colour scheme allows for a subtle personal twist. The following are some of the areas that can have a major impact on a CVs visual presentation:. Actuarial employers are sure to receive a huge amount of job applications for every vacancy, so your CV is vitally important.


US Recommended 10 Simple Use this template. Over 2, five-star user reviews. The Verge template is an excellent way to host your CV or resume online.

You could say which school you attended.

curriculum vitae outlay

For instance, final year projects area useful to promote as they provide evidence of project management skills. It’s Fast and Easy to Use. The Slate template is a great resume format for experienced professionals and new job seekers alike.

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Modern CV templates Show recruiters you keep up with the latest trends by choosing one of our modern curriculum vitae templates. This resume template features a large image in the header that can be personalized to suit your field. This dignified template is an excellent option for job seekers in need of an elegant resume. Use these traditional templates when applying for positions with a more conservative company culture.

Professional CV templates Choose one of our classic, truly British CV templates if you want your curriculum vitae to reflect your vocational professionalism.