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Reflections on working in study abroad in Florence. Estimating postfire changes in production and value of northern Rocky Mountain-Intermountain rangelands.

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Fire Management Today Effects of climate on regeneration of subalpine forests after wildfire. Empirical approaches to modeling wildland fire in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States: Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Canadian Journal of Forest Research Tropospheric ozone distribution in western Msi.


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Italian-American and Japanese-American relations in modern American culture and cinema. Efficient group decision making curticulum workshop settings. Predicting the effect of fire on large-scale vegetation patterns in North America. The Impact on Forests.

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Vegetation and landform database development. Tree establishment in subalpine meadows of Mount Rainier National Park.

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Estimating postfire survival of Douglas-fir in the Cascade Range. Using analytical tools for decision making and program planning in natural resources: Ozone injury in common plant species of the Cascade Mountains, U. Managing for multiple resources under climate change.

curriculum vitae czy musi by  zdj cie

Liaison between graduate students, faculty, and staff in faculty meetings for the Department of French and Italian. Modeling postfire conifer mortality for long-range planning. University of Illinois Forestry Research Report Taking the pulse of mountains: Mountain hemlock growth responds to climatic variability at annual and decadal scales.


Content of chemical elements in tree rings of lodgepole pine and whitebark pine cores from a subalpine Sierra Nevada forest. Ecosystem dynamics and disturbance in mountain wildernesses: Adapting natural resource management to climate change: