Team allocations will be posted on Moodle on Wednesday the day before lecture start week 0. Students are directly supervised. All Part IB coursework is for standard credit, which means that once students achieve a satisfactory standard in the various groups of activities, as listed below, the associated marks are capped at the qualifying level. In the Michaelmas term, a series of five lectures presents contemporary applications of the different disciplines to sustainable engineering. Non-destructive testing L S Electrical and information:

Introduction Outlines of the Part IB coursework activities and experiments are given below, together with the number of timetabled sessions allocated to them. Plastic collapse S Materials: Course overview Not logged in. Lego Mindstorms Dimensional analysis Statics experiment Exposition. Vehicle motion control I3. Papers are each marked out of , and Paper 8 out of , with marks for coursework giving a total of for the Part IB Tripos examination. Inviscid fluid flow L S S Structures:

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Four 3h examination papers, no choice of questions. She lives in New Cuedd City and is the founder of The Open Steno Projectwhich works to produce free, open source stenographic technology.

The topics on which these experiments intrgrated based are listed below. A copy of the handout for that experiment 2 Lab books one to be used for long experiment lab sessions; the other is for the extended exercise in the integrated coursework.

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Assessment is through a poster on a topic selected by the student, prepared over the Christmas vacation and submitted in electronic format at the start of the Lent term. In Part IIB students take eight modules, at least four of which must be from one of the specified engineering areas.


All students undertake 20 experiments, as listed below. Individual final report, 15, Sequential logic, memory and counting S S S S. Assessment is by the quality of the tested product, the quality of the drawings and the individual reports. Students taking MET specialise completely in manufacturing engineering and management. Students will work in pairs.

Continuous assessment by coursework is used together with the examination marks for classing the students at the end of each year. You may find your module. The project begins with a timetabled lecture for all students towards the end of Michaelmas term, and has a ingegrated period of laboratory activity in the Lent Term.

cued integrated coursework

Marks on scale Supervisions should be timetabled to avoid afternoon lab sessions. Hard copies of handouts will be available in each laboratory.

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Students staying with the Engineering Tripos specialise in a chosen engineering area. Skip to main content. Also, your degree certificate will not state the subject s that you have studied: A modular design and unit testing are required to ensure that the two parts work together correctly.

In Lent, the focus is on manual drawing, emphasising the principles and practices that define how three-dimensional objects are represented on two dimensional surfaces such as paper.


Spectrum Analysis – Ramji Venkataramanan Michaelmas If you’re not, copy the url of your group link, and follow online instructions for lntegrated to an “ICS” or “iCal” web calendar.

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Marks on scale12 for satisfactory work, less 1 mark per day exercise is late. Coursework activities Term Coursework No. Some experiments are ‘short’. More information may be available Students must also fulfil the industrial experience requirement. Students may not take the same part of the same Tripos more than once.

For the first week, students work in groups of three to design and build a simple electro-mechanical device, based around a number of sensors and actuators. Progression requirements are set by the Faculty Board. The maximum final mark is thereforeand most students are expected to receive this mark. The MEng is accredited by a number of professional engineering institutions.

cued integrated coursework

Engineer in society, principles of design, product design project and dimensional analysis Eight lectures are given on the role of the engineer in societyin which the wider issues that influence technical decision making are discussed.