Describe one instructional strategy for ELL students to address the factor you described. Good influences are things like nice stores and nice places like parks and malls where students can hang out after school and have fun with people who are nice and respect them. In a written response focusing on English learners at the beginning proficiency level: This should be your original work, written in your own words, and not copied or paraphrased from some other work. Performance Characteristics The following characteristics guide the scoring of responses to the written assignments. You may not use any reference materials during the test.

Students watch the teacher demonstrate a simple science experiment, work with a partner to conduct the experiment themselves, and then discuss their observations in small groups. The community affects the people who live in it and the people in turn affect the community. The identification must be up to date. The teacher could also ask the student to make up a sentence using the word and share the sentence with the class. Finally, the teacher “sounds out” the list of words and invites the students to sound out the words. They should be really tough on them and punish them if they take drugs, smoke or do vandalism in the community. You may work on the multiple-choice section and the written assignment section in any order that you choose.

Scoring Scale Scores will be assigned to each response to esay assignment according to the following scoring scale. In order to pass the exam, test takers must earn a minimum of points on each CTEL subtest.

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The practice of teaching students to group or classify vocabulary and terminology according to semantic and syntactic attributes provides them with cognitive tools for comprehending and remembering new language and concepts in a variety of academic contexts. New Beginnings University of East London.


ctel sample essay questions

The practice questions were cte very helpful. The CTEL addresses three topics, which qkestions into their own individual subtests. Some teachers are better prepared than others to differentiate instruction to accommodate students’ Xtel proficiency levels. Szmple teacher could also ask the student to make up a sentence using the word and share the sentence with the class. They should be your original work, written in your own words, and not copied or paraphrased from some other work.

Be sure to allocate your time carefully, so you are able to complete the entire test within the testing session. In order to build word analysis skills in my middle school students, I encourage them to first define a new word in their own language in their heads and then they should try to translate the definition into English.

Teaching English Learners Across. Explain how this method is compatible with the theory you described. It’s also essential to explicitly teach them metacognitive comprehension skills such as self-monitoring asking yourself questions as you read. U B The response is unscorable because it is unrelated to the assigned topic or off-task, illegible, or written in a language other than English, or it contains an insufficient amount of original work to score.

Sample Test Questions for CTEL 2

How to Write Essay in Third Person. I love how each topic is broken down into small sections. Add this document to saved. The book and flashcards are similar to the materials used in my prep class, so I know I have more resources to prepare for this test.

A teacher can most effectively promote English learners’ fluent language use by implicitly correcting only those errors that interfere significantly with the meaning of a message. Test takers will receive one hour, 45 minutes to finish this portion of the CTEL exam.


Sample Test Questions for CTEL 2

The first step the teacher should take in addressing this problem is to help the students learn how to do which of the following? Describe one strategy for addressing English learns needs with respect to the socio political factor you described and. Think about how you will organize your response. In order to develop pragmatic competence as a writer, a student must pay most attention to which of the following? Because culture and language are so integrally connected, this culturally inclusive environment is likely to facilitate Quesyions learners’ language acquisition by increasing their sense of sqmple and self-worth.

Analyzing each of these text structures based on representative sample essays helps English learners become familiar with the features, components, and organization of each essay type.

Quesyions achievement in school leads to limited potential and employment and higher education later in life.

Which of the following guidelines would be most appropriate for the teacher questoons follow when deciding which written materials to use in this lesson?

Assessment and Instruction 7.

ctel sample essay questions

It might be diverse in terms of the people’s backgrounds and socioeconomic status or it might be pretty homogeneous.

Even if you are unsure of an answer, it is better to guess than not to answer a question at all. The multiple choice portion of each subtest is also scored electronically, via a computer programmed to recognize incorrect and correct answer choices. Guided discussion and contextualization to clarify the meaning of key vocabulary are two key methods for developing schema and promoting listening comprehension.