Your flying qualifications and flying experience are the meat of both the covering letter and, in more detail, the CV. We have pilots commuting from as far as Aussie so if you really wanted to live there. Whether it is a one time thing, or whether you are looking for somewhere to outsource your school work on a permanent basis, this may be the place for you. How It All Works. New routes and expansion on existing routes this year look to keep us very busy on the B

Lori- I was close to re-writing my cover letter when I remembered posting the question. There is much good advice on this site and elsewhere about aviation CVs. It was far beyound what I could ever expect, especially after returning from a long trip! If the company isn’t that sophisticated, then a one page CV, with a short covering letter, will do. That is tragic and could be the only chance they get for employment for many, many months. View this sample cover letter for a pilot, or download the pilot cover letter

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To have any chance of success, you need to target your CVs at employers who are known to have taken on pilots of pprunne experience. Margy is the person to keep contact with, and pilots from the hiring comittee screen apps.

English Grammar for Writers English 1st Language. Stick to one page. Mine was just a sit down chat with the boy’s. You are rated Number 1 for customer service in the nation, and I want to be part of that team.

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Airline pilot resume example. Sorry to play 64 questions with you Team lettter Airline Pilots We are professional pilots that have gone through the same process that you are going through.


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Your flying qualifications and flying experience are the meat of both the covering letter and, in more detail, the CV. Your qualities will be assessed in an interview and a simulator session, plus probably a number of group exercises. Could I get some tips on what to put in a cover letter. I have been communicating with Margaret Ecroyd. Possibly Pete could put some of his wisdom in to this.

Your language should be hard hitting and easy to understand, use plenty of action verbs such as “designed”, “implemented”, avoid abbreviations and slang. If your covering letter gives hm or her that information succinctly, and your details plrune that airline’s requirements, you can reasonably expect your CV to be held on file until such time as the airline next recruits new pilots.

Posting CV and covering letter Subscribe. What sort of style of writing and tone will you need to use? Net Jets Cover Letter. You’ll be able to PM me by the time you come down here so I can fill you in on some ways and means that I kep to the PM’s and emails. I have never posted on any thread that mentions my course as I do not want to be seen to be advertising, but I thought I would just post something here to put down the other side to this thread and make a few points. After all, it doesn’t take more than a few seconds to scan a oetter sentences!

Once in front of the Director Flight Ops DFO or whoever is responsible for pilot recruiting in your target airline, all he or lettre needs to see is that you are appropriately qualified, hold a current licence, and have the experience required by that particular ocver. Airlines will keep CVs of those pilots they think may fit their needs, even in times when they don’t anticipate recruiting, and you can find that you are contacted out of the blue by an airline you last contacted months ago!


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Do you think it would be possible to get the rating in the 3 weeks I will be in NZ in June? Permanent residence” on the front of the envelope. A bit over the top, no? Aviation Cover Letter Example – resume-resource.

It’s is a shortened form of ‘it is’: BigBoeing27th Oct Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Good luck with it.

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A CV showcases your skills and experience but in an abbreviated manner compared to a resume. NJS cvoer contracts by the day Freaze the sim and ask you where you are.

I sent an email suggestion to the CEO and he emailed a very good, concise reply back within five minutes; at Grab the opportunity of being a commercial pilot by creating a highly appealing and impressive resume with this commercial pilot resume format created in Word file.