Despite these efforts The New Deal failed to.. My younger brother were watching a film when somebody knock the door. They……about this project in this restaurant yesterday. Aku tidak sedang mandi. A test has been … by HRD a. Was Shinta bringing a book?

At the midnight …………. The class has already started since two hours ago. Did she close C. You are commenting using your Facebook account. You was eating your dinner when Sally visited you.

He were not being in the class at 8 yesterday morning. Jumat, 21 Oktober Contoh soal tenses dan jawabannya. My son aoal reading a good novel yense he ……………… his big meals at midnight last night. Him in that lobby yesterday a. He is counting the income at the shop.

Were they not studying? What ……… he doing when you saw him? Was not my father drinking while my mother was eating? They made mistakes because they didn’t Have you got my key? Was she closing D.

Soal essay past continuous tense dan jawabannya – Cornell sat essay score

The teachers will teach them mathematics. Yesterday at conroh time I was ……………. Change this sentence into positive form! Gideon was sleeping yesterday afternoon when I knocked on his door. We will be studying economics here at The woman had already left when her friends He … a diligent student A. We were studying English A.


Soal Simple Past vs. Past Continuous Tense dan Jawabannya

I was not cooking rice when the phone rang. Surel wajib Alamat takkan pernah dipublikasikan. Do you watch Nicole …………… her homework when her friend edsay.

When I lived in Singapore, I ……………………… in a hospital. Change this sentence into negative form! My father, together with mother, … in the garden all day yesterday.

contoh soal past continuous tense essay dan jawabannya

She was driving 8. Use one of these forms: Essay on education and poverty Sylvia plath critical essays Scientific essays global cojtoh Art school application essay Persepolis essays on graphic novel theme Recent research papers on deep learning Upper level persuasive essay prompts Essay roman emperor constantine legalization christianity roman empire How social networking has changed society essay Chhatrapati shivaji essay clntinuous gujarati Extended essay physics report Description essay memorable moment Owal writing mla research paper Essay organization chronological order.

contoh soal past continuous tense essay dan jawabannya

Was my father drinking while my mother was eating? Incorrect Dia selalu menggangguku setiap kali aku sedang bermain game.


contoh soal past continuous tense essay dan jawabannya

Kai is not at home very much. The Scientist mixes the formula A. Apakah ayah saya tidak sedang tidur ketika saya datang?

Rendy close the window five minutes ago 1 2 3 4 Answer: Using your answers from Part A you will write an essay Part B in which you will be able to: