Instead, talk about how a combination of your passions and talents come together to create a unique individual, and how that combination can fill one of the many roles that creates a dynamic student body. Would you kill the baby or let the whole village die? Not all curveballs come in the form of a conversation though. For example, when Michael was applying to the University of Chicago, his interviewer asked if he would like to play a game of chess. More than ascertaining what you struggle with, this question is intended to elicit information about how you cope with challenges.

The whole village is hiding, when all of the sudden a baby starts crying and no one can stop it. The Common Application requires that students request a teacher recommendation when completing the application. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader. Is it one in which you share your love of dance on the through choreography? Here is an example of such an answer:

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If the school has a specific extracurricular activity, academic requirement, or housing option that is really exciting to you and rare at other colleges, include this in your answer as well.

For example, if you are planning on majoring in biology, and this school as some Nobel Prize—winning professors in the biology department, talking about how it would be exciting to learn under them is a great piece of information to include in your answer.

Here are some examples of questions you could ask:. Register now for our scholarship giveaway High school student College student College graduate Parent of high school student Counselor I am a. Not only was Michael put on the spot, but he also had to decide whether or not he should try to win.


So, what can you do if your college interviewer surprises you with an unexpected twist? Submit the Common Applicationincluding: Schedule an admission interview.

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More often suplpement not, college admission interviews are about getting to know why an applicant is interested in the school and what that student can bring to campus. Paper forms are accepted, but we encourage online submission through Common Application or Naviance.

cnu supplement essay

The Common Application requires that students request a teacher recommendation when completing the application. In the end, the interviewer applauded her for sticking to her morals and being so determined.

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Here are some examples of questions you could ask: A different applicant, Jessica, said that at her Columbia interview, the interviewer gave her a grim scenario: Complete the mandatory essay questions. Your interviewer knows that everyone has weaknesses; she wants to know how you set yourself apart from others in the way you deal with your own challenges. Why should we accept you over other students?

Ultimately, this question is a chance for you to go beyond the accomplishments listed on your application and share the experiences and insights that set you apart.

cnu supplement essay

This is a great way to make your transcript, scores, and essay come to life. Here is an example of such an answer: We recommend all applicants complete the following actions: Think about the kind of campus community you want to help create. While college interviewers are often instructed not to ask this question—or not to let the answer affect the assessment of chu student—the safest option is to answer in a more general way.

Supporting documents may be requested, and you must submit them supplwment or before the first day of the semester or term for which you are applying. Email this page Print this page Increase font size Decrease font size.


Here are some common questions that have a way of stumping applicants, along with tips on what you can do to supplemennt them well. College is about more than taking classes. Or perhaps you are someone who loves computer programming and has an interest in environmental sciences, in which case you may be excited to partner with other students to make the campus greener through a tech-based initiative. Being prepared for a curveball question is good, whether you are applying to a collegeinternship, or job.

Always prepare a couple of questions to ask your interviewer before you meet her. Is it one in which you share your love of dance on the through choreography?

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The most important thing you can do is try not be rattled. You can also write down a few of your accomplishments beforehand so you have a bank of ideas you can draw from when you are answering questions. If admission officers are indecisive about whether or not to offer you admission, they may consult your interview as extra information to help them make a decision—but their focus will primarily be on your academic transcript and other materials.

This is especially the case when an interview is not required; after all, it would eseay unfair to put too much weight on a part of the application that not everyone will be submitting.