We can also get a lower bound by flooring everything to the lowest value of 1, since there are n of them we know that the result must be larger than n. He asks questions in class, which is always a pain. The lectures are incredibly hard to follow, but attendance is still imperative to have any chance of success. Reduction Having proved that a problem is NP complete, how do we prove other problems are also NP complete? This is one of those courses where you will have to come to his office hours or the TA’s office hours if you want to actually learn anything.

Vibha is an excellent teacher. He is clearly passionate about the material and he is actually decent at explaining it. This being said, our semester also had many terribly harsh graders for TA’s. If you show up to class and take down his notes, you will most likely be successful. If you’re the unfortunate guy that only got say a 50 on the exam, you get a mere 5 extra points. It is a shame she is only teaching CMSC, so I may not get another chance to have her as a teacher. We can do that by taking the derivative and solving for 0.

Example would be the coloring problem from the homework.

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But he wants you to learn. It was not until my first semester of college, in my writing composition course, I realized that I had a lot of work ahead of me to be as good a writer as cmsc homework solutions I thought I was. And yes, he doesn’t give much partial credit. I don’t think he is really that bad. Help Center Find new research papers in: Algorithms aren’t for everyone, but he will make you regret taking the class in the first place.


Our website has a wide range of content writer resume templates that can come in handy while preparing for content writer Resume Template. However, he forgets that not everyone, especially undergraduates, are not as brilliant as he is.

cmsc351 homework solutions

Capital budgeting case study qrb You need to learn how he wants all soluhions the problems’ solutions to be set up — exactly the way he does them in class. Although I stopped attending his lectures early on, I was able to do well in the class by taking the homework assignments seriously, watching a lot of YouTube videos, and watching the Panopto recordings from the other professor.

Click here to sign up. Congratulations, Meesh acknowledges that you sollutions human! This is the hook that needs to grab your reader right away.

cmsc351 homework solutions

Golub talks a lot during lecture without having a lot of information on the slides themselves. Were assigned eight homeworks throughout the semester. We can also get a lower bound by flooring everything to the lowest value of 1, since there are n of them we know that the result must be larger than n. Or more directly, are P and NP-Complete classes uomework P How many times do we exchange a number with itself? Water implicates, evaporates, melts, carries, precipitates.

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So make sure that you compare answers with other people before the midterms. His lecture style seems to work very well for some and not at all for others. Skip to main content. Don’t spout out that CLRS is a useless book too loud. Does a graph have an Eulerian cycle?


You basically have to study in groups or be very good at algorithm theory in order to get a good grade. This is the crux of the traveling salesman problem. His lectures are okay, but his examples can be a bit hard to follow.

However, the professor himself is a total loser and a-hole. This has happened so many times it makes me want to smack them and tell them to listen to my damn question before cutting me off.

cmsc351 homework solutions

Granted her “lectures” can be entertaining but you don’t learn anything. Also, because his notes were so sparse and I’m a bad note-taker, I was affected negatively by his teaching style, but not everyone will have a problem with this.

Cmsc351 homework solutions

Also I don’t know what the other people are smoking who gave him 5 stars. He’s more than happy to answer them. He would always be minutes late, and would often spend the last chunk of classes doing unrelated material further wasting csmc351.