And since you guys have the open house, I will be taking the bus. But she then admits that while it’s mostly good, it can be exhausting and hard to be her. The State Bar Association award for sustained excellence in the field of environmental Yeah, yeah, yeah. I haven’t printed anything since Because I want to make a good impression today. So, when do you think you’ll be making your decision? Honey, I was just you for two hours.

Donna Duncan, Wesley’s mom. Maybe Manny’s going to be the first Latino president. But Alex is so self-sufficient, I just sort of put it in cruise control. For others, it can be the over scheduling afterschool—homework competing with piano lessons or sports or community service. As we develop the mind, so we must the body. I like to describe my type as “gettable.

No, I’m just not gonna go because I’m in my 60s. Some ways I deal with stress is hanging out with friends and also staying organized and making sure I am not falling behind in school, making myself even more stressed.

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I wanted to play a spirited game of dodgeball, but — That sounds fun. No, no, homwork, no, no! That goes to show how stress is often suffered in silence. Oh, he blames me for the divorce. Can you plug it up?


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Of course Claire later gets to see another scary view of Alex’s workload to come in fact it’s even scarier than she depicts — more on that shortly. If I could just have a second to think without all the tippy-tappy typing.

Well I just remembered that I forgot to charge my computer before I left udnphy that I have to get new index cards before Monday. You can’t call dibs.

claire dunphy homework rant

Take a deep breath. Obviously, a lot of the reason for this was an absolutely stunning performance from Ariel Winter — she played each scene just about to perfection.

Before you go, let me ask you a question. Just to rnat this out of the way, everything else outside of Alex’s story works well, too Jay and Lily were particularly funny. In conclusion, stress can be good in small dosages but too much stress can be harmful.

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During my free time I sometimes dant a book, watch tv, play games, or sleep. The first part of her therapy session is more lighthearted than the second though still fairly seriousas Alex goes off on a mini-rant about Dr. I’m not like any of them, – but that doesn’t really homeworkk me.

You’re being a little — – Obstreperous?! Oh, she’s going to Alex’s classes. And it’s a good thing she took that deep breath beforehand. My car runs on reclaimed cooking oil. Clark try to probe into how Alex feels she fits in with the rest of her family.


I — oh, honey. Again, I am so sorry.

We must remember; not only does school stress students out, but teachers as well. For others, it can be the over scheduling afterschool—homework competing with piano lessons or sports or community service.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

You brought a flask to an open house? Yeah, it’s not that big tant a deal. Thanks Subhan, I totally agree with what you said about the amount of work a person can handle.

claire dunphy homework rant

We’ve met several times. There’s this girl at my school who was all over me about my boots ’cause they’re leather. This is pretty cool. She wanted to know why it was that the teacher had so much power so as to dictate how a child spent evening time with her family.

I feel Kind of alone. I like to describe my type as “gettable.