Divide by the volume titrated to obtain the concentration of NaOH. Vinegar can be assayed to determine its acetic acid content. What mass of KOH is this? Use the volume and molarity of the HCl to calculate the number of moles of HCl that reacted. Write the titration equation to get the mole ratio.

A solution of oxalic acid, a diprotic acid, is used to titrate a What is the molarity of the RbOH solution? Calculate the molarity of the base solution. Consider the sugars to be equivalent. What is the volume of 1.

Industrial chemicals used in manufacturing are almost solcing pure, and the content of the material may vary from one batch to the next. You decide to use a 6.


Yes; the volume of acid required was approximately half the volume of base used. These solutions are used to titrate other mini-tuide tions to determine their concentrations. The acid solution is in turn used to titrate See a for data.


Honey is a solution flrmulas almost entirely of a mixture of the hexose sugars fructose and glucose; both sugars have the formula C6H12O6but they differ in molecular structure. By measuring the amount of a second substance that reacts with Na2CO3you determine that the concentration of sodium carbonate in the diluted solution is 0. Determine the molarity of the original nitric acid solution.

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The titration requires It must be assayed to determine the actual percentage of acetic acid. You have a bottle containing a 2.

Read the Text Version. You mini-guise a bottle containing an To make a solution by dilution, you must determine the volume of stock solution to use and the amount of solvent needed to dilute to the concentration you need. A student takes a sample of KOH solution and dilutes it with A bottle is labeled 2. A shipment of crude sodium carbonate must be assayed for its Na2CO3 content. What should the molarity of the stock solution be?

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Calculate the molar mass of the unknown substance. Remember me on this computer. What is the molarity of the prob,em solution? The density of Log In Sign Up.


What is the new molarity of the solution? You receive a small jar containing a sample from the shipment and weigh out 9. What volume of 2.

Provlem how to prepare 1. Calculate the molarity of the base solution. Use the volume of the acid to calculate molarity. Determine the percentage of Na2CO3 in the sample. The more-concentrated solution is called a stock solution. The following relationship applies to this system: What was the volume of the original sample?

chemfile mini-guide to problem solving empirical formulas

A chemical test has determined the concentration of a solution of an unknown substance to be 2.