What should the nurse immediately do if she stuck by a used needle? Which of the following lists the recommended sequence for removing soiled personal protective equipment when the nurse prepares to leave the patient’s room? What should the nurse tell this client? A topical antimicrobial agent is then applied and covered with a bulky wet dressing. Nclexpn fashion study questions study with flashcards, games, and more for free. The client may be too weak to change position. On inspection the throat is reddened and edematous with patchy yellow exudates.

The physician has written an order for a client to receive 0. A client with Parkinson’s disease has been prescribed benztropine Cogentin. During chemotherapy, an oncology client has a nursing diagnosis of Impaired oral mucous membrane related to decreased nutrition and immunosuppression secondary to the cytotoxic effects of chemotherapy. Health Promotion and Maintenance. You would suspect that these signs and symptoms are related to: In which order will the nurse perform the following actions? Although the sling must be removed to check for circulation and skin integrity, every 2 hours option 4 is unnecessarily frequent and impractical.

The nurse interprets that the client is experiencing: The decreased breath caze suggest that the patient needs to cough and deep breathe to prevent atelectasis.

Provide safety for the client and other clients on the unit 3. The nurse is interviewing a client about his past medical history. Proper hand washing is the best way to prevent the spread of infection. Potential alteration in tissue perfusion related to depletion of fibrinogen.


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Do exposed individuals spread anthrax? Varicella chickenpoxherpes evolvf shingles. What should you wear when taking a pt’s VS? Cell differentiation is not indicated by clinical staging. Muscle pain is an expected side effect of metformin and may be treated with acetaminophen Tylenol. What is a type C fire extinguisher used for? Gloves, Gown, Mask within 3 ft of pt.

A patient arrives at the emergency department with an electrical burn.

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RN priority upon assessing meconium-stained amniotic fluid? For multidrug-resistant respiratory syncytial virus the protection of the client would be as important as preventing the spread of these disorders.

Antihypertensives do not commonly cause problems with decreased clotting. What teaching needs to be done for a patient undergoing external radiation? A client who received a dose of chemotherapy 12 hours ago is incontinent of urine while in bed. A nurse is assessing a client who is at risk for development of pernicious anemia resulting from peptic ulcer disease. When receiving a report at the beginning of your shift, you learn that your assigned client has a surgical incision that is healing by primary intention.

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Inform the physician that it is his or her responsibility to obtain the signature b. It is used to manage acute and also chronic diarrhea in conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease.

The patient is at increased risk and should talk with the health care provider about needed tests, which will depend on factors such as the exact type of family history and any current symptoms.


A nurse is caring for a client who is 4 hr postoperative following an open reduction internal fixation of the right ankle. What is the treatment for plague? Liver function tests 3.

WBCs are usually reported in order of maturity, with the less mature forms on the left side of a written report.

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When obtaining the client’s history, the nurse checks for known risk factors for this type of cancer. Narcolepsy Cancef can occur suddenly during the daytime hours when a person is involved in any type of activity.

Once therapeutic levels are reached the test is performed every 2 to 3 months.

cervical cancer evolve case study quizlet

The nurse should identify that which of the following values is an indication of an adverse effect of the medication? The other laboratory data do not indicate any immediate life-threatening adverse effects of the chemotherapy. Which of the following neurologic deficits should the nurse expect to find when assessing the client? The nurse should take which safe action first?