Out of the total population, 8. Neolithic 10,— BC Bhirrana Culture. Education of the tribe cultures may be understood in terms of the process of cultural transmission which is referred as enculturation. The Naga community as a whole participates in the celebrations of ceremonial functions. Tripura is unique in having fascinating variety of handicrafts made from simple material such as bamboo, cane, ordinary yarn and palm leaves.

As Culture is dynamic and the tribes are faced with changes, due to interaction of the traditional process with that of modern process. Jaintia are known by different names such as Syntengs, Jayantias and Pnars. Ancient culture and tradition is the base of our traditional knowledge system. The Company’s officers were divided as to how to implement this imposed duty, with the orientalists, who believed that education should happen in Indian languages of which they favoured classical or court languages like Sanskrit or Persian , while the utilitarians also called anglicists like Lord William Bentinck , and Thomas Macaulay , strongly believed that traditional India had nothing to teach regarding modern skills; the best education for them would happen in English. According to Jha while dealing with Phom tribe only states that Phom people are sociable and united, they cooperate and work together in fields, making houses, roads, etc. Ellis emphasizes the need to evaluate the education actually experienced by most Indian children, which was outside the classroom.

case study on the field of education in nagaland after coming of the britishers

Even moral instruction covering marriage affairs were also imparted. Root causes of backwardness among the Phom Community There are a number of causes which lead to the backwardness of Nagaland in general and certain areas in particular outlined by various individuals.

case study on the field of education in nagaland after coming of the britishers

Country Indigenous tribe Sl. The tennis court became a no man’s landwith the Japanese and the defenders of Kohima dug in on opposite sides, so close to each other that grenades were thrown between the trenches.


Even than the development and all round growth in all even Nagaland is not uniform at all. By it became The Aligarh Muslim University and was the leading intellectual center of Muslim political activity.

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This is unique to a culture or society. Although contact had been established, it took a further 24 hours to fully secure the road between Jotsoma and Kohima. By the year Tuensang was merged with the Naga hill District under the name Naga Hill Tuensang Area which led to a common administration. They make a special kind of cane mat called ‘Tlieng’, which guarantees a good utility of around years.

They received education and play very active part in all developmental activities of the nayaland. Lack of proper work culture.

These traditional practices have been very valuable vehicles of cultural articulation and dissemination. There exists a private Computer institute established in for imparting computer courses.

A special Analysis A.

case study on the field of education in nagaland after coming of the britishers

It was left in the hands of Christian missionaries. There are manuscripts written in the old Meitei Mayek script on history, religion, medicine, dance and warfare.

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Again the school was dysfunctional. Most of the people of these two districts depend upon agriculture. Skip to main content. Forward tribes of Nagaland established themselves considerably on the other hand the Phom people had to struggle enough to prove their existence as one of the dominant tribe of the state of Nagaland. Nearly all people residing in Arunachal Pradesh are the Tibeto- Burman or indigenous tribal origin.

Battle of Kohima

The garrison was continually shelled and mortared, in many instances by Japanese using weapons and ammunition captured at Sangshak and from other depots, and was slowly driven into a small perimeter on Garrison Hill. They celebrate the occasion with great joy. It also encourages teachers and students to gain enhanced respect for local culture, its wisdom and its ethics, and provides ways of teaching and learning locally relevant knowledge and skills.


However, his troops, who had the shortest and easiest route to Kohima, were delayed by a week. In Nagaland there is a dearth of representation of prominent politicians at the national level. Baryi is another song in which the history, religious lore and mythology is narrated.

History of education in the Indian subcontinent

North-East Indian tribes are undoubtedly one of the most colourful and culturally rich communities of India. They sang songs of heroism and spoke of the achievements of their ancestors.

Social condition of Britushers community Sample survey conducted solely on Phom community reveals the following facts. Late medieval period — Frykenberg examines the to period to argue that education helped integrate the diverse elements Indian society, thereby creating a new common bond from among conflicting loyalties.

With respect to educational status the transition of first generation learners to second generation of learners is taking place. Students will be more motivated to learn when the content of the study is based on something useful and appropriate to the future career of the community and is presented in a way that reflects the interconnectedness of all things.