For the purpose of this paper, these activities have been grouped under the following titles. Airports closed City in gridlock as traffic lights were out Cars were used to transport injured due to run out of ambulances. Providing technical and technological inputs for drinking water. During the break-up of Gondwana in the Jurassic , this area was affected by rifting with a roughly west—east trend. Financial share of 3: Transportation trucks at times were not available and there was difficulty in finding labour for loading and unloading material which caused avoidable and critical delays. The obvious social impacts are that around 20, people were killed and near , were injured.

Administrative response comprises of primary and secondary relief functions. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Loss of industrial output. Nearly 5 lakh people were expected to become unemployed. The effects of the earthquake were also felt on the north side of the Pakistan border, in Pakistan 18 people were killed. More than persons were rescued alive in the first 5 days. Retrieved 21 November

Primary and Secondary Operate warning systems. This page was last edited on earthquaoe Mayat Retrieved 20 July The impact on total tax revenues was estimated at Rs crore, Rs crore, and Rs crore, in, and respectively. Indian doctors worked as a team with foreign health teams. These pushed together and caused the earthquake.


The housing policy focused on the removal of rubble, setting up temporary shelters, full reconstruction of damaged houses, and the retrofitting of undamaged units. The purple spots represent this water.

Presented by – Abhishek R. Dangi (DAM) MNIT, Jaipur – ppt download

Disruption of transport and communications. Practically all buildings and structures of Kutch were brought down. Retrieved 2 April Nearly 19, people died. Earthquake related other flows.

case study on bhuj earthquake ppt

Auth with social network: Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Introduction Key Terms — Budget — A financial plan for the use of money, buhj, and property. Therefore it is important for the main local government agency to create a unified base map with all topographical, cadastral and thematic information and to persuade all agencies to work using the same base map.

Other objectives included the revival of the economy, health support, and reconstruction of the community and social infrastructure. Need for capacity building and training due to eearthquake experience. The Gujarat earthquake was caused by movement on a previously unknown south-dipping fault, trending parallel to the inferred rift structures. Transportation facilities were extended for relief material abroad With free handling facilities to charter flights bringing in relief materials.

2001 Gujarat earthquake

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Journal of the American Planning Association. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Gujarat earthquake.


case study on bhuj earthquake ppt

Came down to Rs. Foreign mobile hospitals were operationalised within 24 hrs of their arrival. The next sections analyze the mitigation aspect of each of these activities.

Forthe losses were expected to be Rs crore. In the economic capital of the Gujarat region, Ahmedabad, 58 multi storey buildings were destroyed, these buildings contained many of the businesses which were generating the wealth of the region.

The Indian Meteorological Department estimated the intensity wtudy the earthquake at 6.

case study on bhuj earthquake ppt

The earthquake killed between 13, and 20, people including 18 in southeastern Pakistaninjured anotherand destroyed nearlyhomes. During the break-up of Gondwana in the Jurassicthis area was affected by rifting with a roughly west—east trend.

Presented by – Abhishek R. Dangi M.Tech (DAM) MNIT, Jaipur

Asian Disaster Reduction Center. Providing technical and technological inputs for drinking water. Total rehabilitation expenses hhuj figured at Rs crore.

The intraplate earthquake reached 7.