Dragging marks of body of Hemraj towards the outdoor unit of AC. Anita Durrani who took the food after She opened the latch and walked in. Amid liquidity woes, DHFL curbs premature withdrawals, stops accepting fresh deposits; shares down 9. According to the Talwars, this key was present in Hemraj’s bunch of keys, which went missing after the murders. Rajesh and Nupur slept in the master bedroom , while Aarushi slept in an adjacent room. The special court of CBI while conducting the trial under Section 45 of the Indian Evidence act did not admit narco tests of the servants as an admissible evidence.

She claimed that when she tested Aarushi’s swab, she did not know that the subject was Nupur’s daughter. He picked up a golf club stick from Hemraj’s room and rushed to Aarushi’s room. She was the daughter of a dentist couple, Dr. Ritcha alleged that Singhal had deliberately taken all her registers away to mark her absent, although she regularly came to the hospital every day. He claimed that Aarushi’s friend Anmol stated that she had told him about her father’s affair. In its report, the CBI had stated that it was unable to solve the case because of lack of evidence against the culprits.

Based on the ‘narco’ interrogation conducted on the three men, the CBI assumed that they had killed Aarushi after an attempted sexual assault, and Hemraj for being a witness.

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Earlier, at 4 pm also, Sharma had asked Tandon for the key, saying that he needed to dump the ice brought for Aarushi’s body. Ergothe case cleared many loopholes and problems in the legal system that need to be corrected for speedy and fair trial so that injustice is not done to any other person as done in this case.

From talking about a blood-stained knife to revealing Rajkumar’s liking for Aarushi and the subsequent assault and murder of the year-old and Hemraj, the narco-analyses is said to have if enough evidence for the CBI to zero in on them as the culprits in the horrific murder that shook the nation on a Friday morning in Thadarai spoke of his humiliation by Rajesh Talwar, and expressed his desire to take revenge.


Several visitors continued to arrive at the Talwars’ house which was being managed by Dinesh Talwar with their condolences. Gautam, in talwr bedroom of Dr. However, on the night of 15 May, her mobile phone was inactive after 9: This was further strengthened by various circumstances showing that there was no possibility of involvement of an outsider in this crime.

Rajesh Talwar was sent to judicial custody on Naresh Raj told the court that Hemraj’s penis was swollen when his body was brought for autopsy.

The school bag of Aarushi is seen lying near her body without any blood on it. Inside story of India’s most controversial trial”. After the discovery of Hemraj’s body, the case attracted public attention as a bizarre whodunit.

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Please choose one of the options Position of door key of Aarushi’s room was found unexplained by the parents talawr were custodian of the key. Investigation by UP Police Vandana also created a Facebook page, a Twitter account and sent e-mails proclaiming the parents’ innocence.

Anita Durrani asked the Talwars’ neighbour Talwwar Tandon if he had a duplicate key to the Talwars’ terrace, to which Tandon replied in the negative.

The case aroused public interest as a whodunit story, and received heavy media coverage.

I wnt do it again n I kinda noe hw u r feelin. Hemraj was found in a pool of blood on the terrace of the flat on May Dinesh Talwar that rape should not be mentioned in the postmortem report.

Some of the friends of Aarushi had tried to contact her on her mobile phone but it was found switched off.


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The police accused Nupur Talwar of helping cover up the crime. It also severely castigated the media for having jeopardized the investigation by sensationalizing the murder and carrying out their own botched up “trial by media”. On cade date, the last activity on this phone is at The door to Aarushi’s room and the main door of the house would lock automatically when shut. However, it was not just the narco-analysis of Krishna, Vijay and Rajkumar, which was ‘inadmissible evidence’ in aarusi court of law, that led Kumar to Krishna, a compounder in Rajesh’s clinic.

The post-mortem report written by Dr.

case study of aarushi talwar

The Noida double stuudy case refers to the unsolved murders of year-old girl Aarushi Talwar and year-old Hemraj Banjadea male live-in domestic worker employed by her family. Since it was Friday, Rajesh could not apply for a bail until Monday.

They also collected all the blood-stained clothes and the sharp-edged weapon in order to dispose of them.

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Ultimately, the CBI concluded that the sample had got contaminated, but not deliberately tampered with. With the growth of society and increasing complexity of crimes, it is necessary that the technological inventions should be utilized to its fullest.

The room of Aarushi therefore, could have been opened only either by Aarushi herself from inside or by the parents of Aarushi from outside by using the keys.