Electricity is generated through hydroelectric power HEP at the dam. In replacement, the main tree put in the artificial forest …. Large amounts of pollution would be created by trucks and excavators travelling back and forth. The balcony is accessed via a new sliding door system. Published by Daniel Howe Modified over 5 years ago.

Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. AQA gcse geography water on the land notes. The location of Kielder water was suitable because the river Tyne valley has a wide, flat bottom but steep sides; there is also a high annual rainfall in the valley: Tourism at Kielder has created new jobs and generated incomes. The measurements of the sliding doors system were mm x mm. The main conurbations served by the reservoir are Tyneside, Wearside and Teesside.

Case Study Kielder Water – Mindmap in GCSE Geography

The forest at Kielder has been criticised for being too much of a monoculture only one type of tree — mainly Sitka Spruce Using the Google satellite image above describe how much of Newcastle would be covered if the Kielder Water Reservoir had been placed in the city! Sign up to Comment. Tourism at Kielder has created new jobs and generated incomes.

Can you think of any renewable energy sources that are near.

Wildlife habitats were not very diverse or rare in the location so there were not many wildlife habitats lost. The lake is 11km long and stores nearly ,million litres of water — this helps in times of water shortages 58 families were displaced from kieldee homes by the dam, their houses disappearing beneath the lake that formed.


case study kielder water

Kielder reservoir has brought many advantages: To combat this Northuimbria water, the company responsible for water supply in the North East, have constructed Kielder Water. Wharton Construction Systems Used: Kielder Water and Forest Park: The map also shows that my region, the North East of England is also highly variable in how much precipitation it receives.

The main conurbations served by the reservoir are Tyneside, Wearside and Teesside.

case study kielder water

Mosedale Gillat Architects Kielrer Contractor: Facts about Northumbrian Water. The operation of the WP36mm system is via Somfy single-phase manual override motor with safety-brake and switching via internally mounted hold to run key switch.

Case Study: Kielder Water, Northumberland, England.

About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Huge volumes of timber are produced at Kielder, the number of standing trees is million and they are replanted once felled.

Advantages Kielder reservoir has brought many advantages: This new opening again required a roller shutter system. The width of the doors and the location of this roller shutter on the most exposed elevation made the WP53mm system the most appropriate from our standard range.

A dam holds back sediment, especially the kieleer and pebbles.

This means that while the south of England is often etudy to implement drought strategies and hosepipe bans, north east England enjoys plentiful water supplies.

The water is then released through a hole in the dam. Report Thu 25th February, The new roller shutter system would need to coil into the same box size as the existing roller shutter that had been removed. Kielder is one of the last places for red squirrels in England. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback.


Storesmillion litres.

case study kielder water

Northumbria Water Ltd Architect: This area originally had a window that overlooked Kielder Water approximate size mm x mm. The water cycle is a renewable and sustainable. Exhibition Centre The new Exhibition Centre within Tower Knowe Visitors Centre can be accessed via a newly formed doorway, which required a roller shutter. This is a reliable and clean source of energy. Kielder reservoir in Northumberland is an example of a water transfer scheme.

Kielder Water Case Study – Revision Notes in GCSE Geography

The refurbishment works to kielddr Tower Knowe Visitors Centre were varied and extensive. The measurements of the sliding doors system were mm x mm. The differences in water received are clearly marked on the graph below, and the area in which Kielder is in receives mm of rain a year, whilst Newcastle receives only mm!