According to the demand-control model by Karasek , a high-strain job—one with a combination of high demand and low control decision latitude —increases the risk of psychological strain and physical illness; an active job—one with a combination of high demand and high control—requires learning motivation to develop new behaviour patterns. However, it is difficult to prove a causative relationship between overwork and sudden cardiac arrest [ 3 ]. Eighty-eight workers had identifiable trigger events within 24 hours before their attack. Work Stress 8 2: We hypothesized that overwork was associated with protein Cx43, which had been reported to be closely related to arrhythmia [ 17 — 19 ]. Useful Links How to buy case studies?

Uehata b reported that the jobs in karoshi cases were characterized by a higher degree of work demands and lower social support, whereas the degree of work control varied greatly. Ageing related down-regulation of myocardial connexin and up-regulation of MMP-2 may predict propensity to atrial fibrillation in experimental animals. Finsterer J, Mahjoub SZ. Abstract Background Karoshi, which is sudden death associated with overwork, has become a serious problem in China. Conclusion The evidence that overwork causes sudden death is still incomplete. In Work and Well-Being: Tools and Approaches Part V.

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Rats were provided food and water ad libitum. The risk of developing diabetes in association with long working hours differs by shift work schedules.

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Occup Health Safety 19 3: In Work and Well-Being: National Police Agency, Government of Japan. Over the last three fiscal years, nearly claims for compensation of occupational CCVD have been made and, of these, about one third were compensated.


The heart was immediately removed.

A total of workers had died; 55 cases had already been compensated as occupational disease. The role of psychosocial stress at work for the development of cardiovascular diseases: Am Soc Rev 51 April: Fatigue caused by overwork is influenced by many factors, including age, gender, physical condition, mental status, psychological conditions, personality type, life experience, and health status [ 38 ].

The definition and measurement of psychoticism. Karoshi is a Japanese word meaning death from overwork. This evident myocardial interstitial fibrosis was the consequence of the compensatory hyperplasia of fibroblasts in the damaged myocardium, which was consistent with the increased heart coefficients observed.

Karoshi: Death from Overwork

Distribution of compensated cases of mental disorders karosi job category. Psychologists and the changing family-work system. As labour unions were cooperative with employers, there have been relatively few labour disputes in Japan.

Comprehensive study for the current status and preventive strategies of overwork-related disorders in Japanese.

case study karoshi death from overwork

Acknowledgements We would like to thank Dr. Many previous studies have shown that overwork is associated with diseases such as hypertension [ 1011 ], cardiovascular disease [ 12 — 14 ], and diabetes [ 15 ]. Counseling and Psychotherapy of Work Dysfunctions. The following figure shows the increase in number of approved cases of workers’ accident compensation insurance benefit for Karoshi and Karojisatsu.

Additionally, the long-term effect of preventive measures based on the Act and the Principles i. Psychological stress in the workplace. Bull Soc Med 8: Job strain and risk of cardiovascular events in treated hypertensive Japanese workers: Furthermore, as compared to occupational CCVD, occupational mental disorders have been compensated more frequently among young employees in Japan 9. Inthe number of applications for compensation jumped sharply, possibly due to the establishment of the guideline for compensation of occupational mental disorders by the MHLW.


For instance, due to the unavailability of data on the population of employees between January and Marchthe compensation rates are slightly higher than the actual value. Sections were re-stained by hematoxylin followed by dehydration in mounting ethanol.

Brownish yellow granules indicated Cx43 positive molecules B for the left ventricle, D for the right ventricle. How to Beat the High Cost of Success. Results Cav1, p-cSrc, and Cx43 protein expression We hypothesized that overwork was associated with protein Cx43, which had been reported to be closely related to arrhythmia [ 17 — 19 ]. We hypothesized that overwork was associated with protein Cx43, which had been reported to be closely related to arrhythmia [ 17 — 19 ].

The samples were treated 5 times for 2 min each time, then washed with 0. Paraffin sections were dewaxed with water.

case study karoshi death from overwork