The loss of a key team member may have a low probability; however, the impact to the project can be great. For the time being, WestJet is hoping to return to growth before pursuing these measures. In February , JetBlue tried to operate flights during a blizzard when all other major airlines had already canceled their flights. Angry flyers expressed outrage on Facebook and flooded WestJet’s site, causing the repeated crashes. The files still cannot be access for a period of time thereafter, because Sabre had to adjust the flights using the new system.

They also needed features like the ability to link prices and seat inventories to other airlines with whom they cooperated. The migration required WestJet agents to go through complex steps to process the data. In order to get a consistent number for all of the risks, multiply the probability which should be per interval of duration by the impact and finally multiply that by the duration. This delay provoked a deluge of customer dissatisfaction. But compared to WestJet, the company was extremely well prepared to handle problems and risk such as these.

That is, identify all of the risks possible in the project. Inboth airlines upgraded their airline reservation systems, and one of the two learned this lesson the hard way. This is also a part of the process that typically helps validate the estimates made above. JetBlue continued to grow at a rapid pace, remaining profitable throughout, untilwhen the company lost money in a quarter for the first time since going public.

When WestJet went live with the new system in Octobercustomers struggled to place reservations, and the WestJet Web site crashed repeatedly.

JetBlue and WestJet: A Tale of Two IS Projects by Amira AL Jaoui on Prezi

The rapid growth of each airline rendered their existing information systems obsolete, including their airline reservation systems. Reservation system for these airlines are so important that when these companies need to make projecte IT upgrades, their relationships with customers and their brands can be tarnished if things go awry.


case study jetblue and westjet a tale of two is projects

Jegblue other factor to evaluate when looking at a risk is its duration–how long that it can have a potential impact on the project. In general, the fastest way to reduce the overall risk quotient for a project is to tackle the controllable risks early in the project.

The resulting number is a single number, a risk quotient, which can be used to prioritize risks within the project.


This delay provoked a deluge of customer dissatisfaction, a rarity for WestJet. JetBlue experienced a few glitches—call wait times increased, and not all airport kiosks and ticket printers came online right away. It is structured, defined requirements run vase risk. WestJet’s call centers were also overwhelmed, and customers experienced slowdowns at airports.

case study jetblue and westjet a tale of two is projects

For instance, the loss of a subject matter expert early in the project projectz a risk because their input is still needed. WestJet also ended up hiring temporary offshore call center workers, but only after the problem had gotten out of hand.

JetBlue was incorporated in and founded in by David Neeleman. Not every mitigation strategy needs to involve money.

JetBlue and WestJet: a tale of two IS projects

projevts From a customer perspective, only one of two things can happen: But compared to what WestJet endured, the company was extremely well prepared to handle these problems. In addition, JetBlue needed to add some booking functions. They recognize that even subtle changes in the values for these numbers can have a huge impact on the total risk of the project. In contrast, JetBlue jjetblue the advantage of seeing WestJet begin its implementation months before, so it was able to avoid many of the pitfalls that WestJet endured.

JetBlue ended up using its backup site several times. Today, the company has 7, employees and operates jetblje per day. In addition to the increase in customer complaint calls, customers also took to the Internet to express their displeasure. Now that risk quotient for the various risks is identified, it’s possible to prioritize the risks for the project. For instance, if the greatest risk is personnel turnover as it usually is then, the probability may iss to be evaluated more objectively.


This turn out to be a poor decision, as the weather conditions prevented the flights from taking off and passengers were stranded for as long as 10 hours.

Some people struggle with the evaluation step because both of the numbers, percentage and impact, are guesses. Airlines such as WestJet and JetBlue promote low-cost and high-efficiency carriers by giving extremely competitive fares and outstanding customer service. The migration required WestJet agents to go through complex steps to process the data.

The more quickly the risk associated with an item to be validated the more quickly the risk is no longer a risk so its probability can be zeroed out. On the other hand, JetBlue make its switch on Friday night because Saturday traffic tends to be low. Its goal is to provide low-cost travel along with unique amenities like TV in every w, and its development of state-of-the-art IT throughout the business was a critical factor in achieving that goal.

case study jetblue and westjet a tale of two is projects

Undaunted, the airline quickly returned to profitability in the next year after implementing its “Return to Profitability” plan, and consistently ranks at the top of customer satisfaction surveys and rankings for U. Since WestJet had not anticipated the transfer time required to move the files, they had failed to reduce its passenger loads on flights operating immediately after the charge over.