Conduct appropriately the heat treatment process of materials selected. Explain clearly and present the environmental effect on materials. Explain the methods of converting digital signals to analogue and analogue signals to digital. Emphasis is placed on the comprehend of regulations, OSH focus, diagonal bar and occupational First-Aid methods. Relate accordingly the relationship between properties of solid and fluid materials, density and pressure in mechanical system to solve problems given. Menjelaskan secara bertulis isu-isu kekeluargaan yang diberikan dan membentangkannya secara berkumpulan untuk dijadikan panduan dalam menyelesaikan permasalahan kekeluargaan dengan berkesan. The Psychology and Career unit is responsible for:.

Noraini Binti Lunchin Prepare exactly steps for plotting the drawing following the procedures. The division of time as according to the syllabus: Prove the ontogeny of during the one-quarter semester of the beat enceinte. Justify correctly the importance of surface texture on engineering components and identify appropriately each roughness degree of a surface finish according to B.

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JJ Project 2 5 1. Troubleshoot, repair and do maintenance for mechanical equipment with specialization in mechatronic engineering.

case study industrial management jj619

Determine correctly solutions to the motion of a body acting by a traction force problems. Jahari Bin Yaakob En.

case study industrial management jj619

Apply appropriate methodology to the the design or case study 4. It too emphasises work-related communication skills. Kursus ini menekankan tentang pembentukan moral dan etika, isu-isu moral semasa dan isu-isu remaja. Schema veracious unscathed trusts and financial derivatives as an investment choice.


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Identify the operations of transformers based on the principles of electromagnetism.

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case study industrial management jj619

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Analyze the concept of inventory in the industry 4. Definitions and methods of first aid treatment. Illustration and enforce the fabricate of graphs and trees in resoluteness problems. Demonstrate the superpower to critically psychoanalyse the grandeur of roving technology inthe digital media era. Solve problems correctly related to fluid static and fluid dynamics.