Sold to the Barbara and Stephen Kurtin Trust. Project architect, Jerrold Lomax. Six ruins reborn as great contemporary buildings. Unfortunately transformed into an Italianate, regency style, bottom two photos. Sold in to Donald Bonar. Part time, he was head of publicity for the Hollywood Bowl in On the brick garden wall Ellwood installed jungle gym equipment in an abstract pattern.

Sold in to Ryan Salahi. Introduction Craig Ellwood houses were the beginning and the origin of his experimentation, and as domestic architecture built until his last years, the houses provide a large enough of his career. Principal design was by Jerrold Lomax, an associate in Ellwood’s office. Deeded to the Laurent Opman Trust. The property top photo was sold in to new owners who made inadvisable modifications.

Woolf and Robert K.

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Destroyed by fire in during a coastal firestorm. Did you know that artist architecture is a thing? To see more masterful, mid-century architectural photographs, order a copy of California Captured here. Concept The work displays a high degree of rationality in its entirety while a strong sensuality in terms of finishes, textures and details. Polly Pierson later admitted she was delighted by the destruction as she was deeply devastated by the new owners’ modifications. Taalman Koch Architecture rented a double unit and documented their renovation of the space for Dwell in Ellwood’s influence has left the building.


Deeded to Sylvia Levey Trust. This is not an Ellwood house but it gets listed as one all the time.

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Sold in to Tania and Adeshir Tavangarian. Still owned by Harris as of Cookies Yo must try some of our cookies. Top photo by Michael Locke. These sf, unit apartments strongly resembled Corbusier. Craig gave us the impression he did them.

case study house 16 &(ellwood)

Built by students in a class taught by Ellwood for Head of Architecture George Hasslein, sponsored by Kaiser Steel with their new oxidizing steel, Cor-ten. Expanded to square feet, 6 bedrooms, 5 baths.

Sold in to Laurent Opman. His children, who often accompanied him on assignments, would be enlisted to clear debris from the site or lug equipment. Sign in Contact About. Designed with Emiel Becsky. Gerry Bobertz Franklin brought him several original photos as well as the unrealized plan for the landscape. Basket 0 Checkout Sign in. California Captured — Case Study House 16 Marvin Rand was California’s most inconspicuous photographer wtudy but he defined its architectural iconography.


Why was Le Corbusier so intent on meeting Albert Einstein?

case study house 16 &(ellwood)

This was the last of the houses designed by Ellwood’s office. Sold in to Richard Kelton. Went over budget and was unbuilt. Sold to the Rolfe Family Trust. Sold in to Keili Lefkovitz. The house there was all Baswell’s creation. Designed with Peter Blake &(ellwood) Julian Neski.

Salzman House / Case Study House nº 16

Sold in to Michael Madden Living Trust. The book also benefited from residential testing in commercial architecture. Ellwood added a pool and guest house second photo in Put into the Johnson Trust.