As an acquisition channel, MGM was cheaper and less resource-intensive than other channels. How to create a community? They do not have an existing large and diverse customer base or existing investments in call centres. Hi Lawrence, can i post your Article on my website; prepaidmvno. Newsroom Podcasts Complimentary Webinars. Commitment to customer co-creation runs deep within giffgaff — their name?

We are a company that could not exist without its community. More customer generated product launches can be found here. Laurence Buchanan 10 December at The operator actively involves customers in running the business through co-innovation and ongoing membership support. Is the GiffGaff model scalable?

The Customer Revolution: GiffGaff – a case study of customers in control

Members get rewarded for running parts of the business like answering questions in the community, getting new members, or helping to promote xtudy company. Will it be able to continue its phenomenal growth as it attains greater scale? How do we transform thousands of satisfied customers into a low-cost acquisition channel?

GiffGaff are part of the Telefonica Group. Towards a Design Theory for Online Communities. For example, each idea is timed with a run down of 30 days. To increase engagement and to help members recruit new members among friends, giffgaff allowed members to customise their personal ordering page using brand assets supplied by giffgaff.

Customers are the new market-makers, reshaping industries and changing how businesses compete and win.

GiffGaff Social Customer Case Study from #LiNC | Social Media Today

They’re hitting their business goals out of the park. They also make extensive use of their community forum for peer to peer support supported by intervention and moderation by GiffGaff employees when required. Responses are returned to the contributor within a process oriented framework:.


The model acts to funnel customer feedback, mutual support and ideas from decentralized social media access points, to a proprietor platform of systematic categorization, then to a developmental process with stage reporting.

The evolution went like this: Hearn shared a great story and a shot of the GiffGaff origin notebook. The personalised link proved particularly popular with community members as it could be easily added to community signatures, emails and social media posts. Please just credit and link back. Voting values drive ideas through the submission process to be assessed by giffgaff.

Hears about GiffGaff on Twitter Goes to forum, gets answers at I just happen to be reading it right now Therefore, to expand the customer base, the community had to play a role both in marketing and more directly in sales.

GiffGaff Social Customer Case Study from #LiNC

To achieve this goal, the start-up team made a radical choice to use an innovative community-based model. The money that members earned through recruiting or participating in the community was paid out or could be donated to charity twice a year. And with a community in place, we knew the implementation process would need to be consultative, interactive and able to evolve over time to become more effective.

So, customers hacked a solution, literally.

case study giffgaff

They have not paid me for writing this article or given me kudos points! New members who giffgaft the customer base through the programme had a lower churn giffgafd average members and were significantly more likely to recruit further and even multiple members themselves. Forrester Research gives you insights and frameworks aligned to your role to shorten the time between a great idea and a great outcome, helping your teams win in the age of the customer.


I think you don’t need the apostrophe in “customers” in your headline.

case study giffgaff

Other notable customer ideas implemented in include: Hi Eric, I work at giffgaff and can safely say that more than a few of us could be classed as sci-fi geeks: I had heard quite a bit about them from Lithium who is also the vendor for the Community I work on, Verizon Residentialand it was nice to see this write-up all in one spot.

An example might be illustrative. It’s in the DNA of the organization.

Now clearly as a start-up, GiffGaff have some unique advantages. A goody bag is basic a predefined service bundle voice, text, data, etc. According to Hearn, the community actually launched before the company launched product. I look forward to hearing more examples from you!