Rainfall Radar Animation of rainfall radar. Hundreds killed Millions made homeless Contaminated water led to disease. A line of convergence formed near the coast line, where air moving in almost opposite directions collides, this helped to increase the rate of ascent and produced very heavy rain. Web page reproduced with the kind permission of the Met Office. The entire South-West of the country had faced stormy weather in the days leading up to the flood on the 16th of August, therefore the ground was saturated.

A line of very heavy rain starts at about 1 p. Report Thu 30th May, Widening and deepening the river channel – this allowed the river to carry more water. Hundreds killed Millions made homeless Contaminated water led to disease. As the flood happened so quickly local residents had little time to react.

We are investing in new ways of predicting heavy rainfall events on a small scale to produce better warnings. Building along river Construction of small bridges across bodcastle trapped material behind them creating small dams River narrowed through Boscastle reducing capacity Deforestation in valleys. Flooing Impacts Flooding On the day of the flood, about 75mm of rain fell in two hours — the same amount that normally falls in the whole of August.

Boscastle flood – Causes and effects table in GCSE Geography

This included widening and deepening the Valency River, and installing a flood culvert to improve flow in the Jordan River. You need to be able to compare and explain the different effects of and responses to flooding. Rivers and Boscastle floods quiz.


Report Floodkng 10th June, Hurricane Katrina Case Study. Pin It on Pinterest. Causes It happened at high tide.

The wind is blowing anticlockwise about the low pressure area, so the air is arriving into Boscastle from a south-westerly direction. On the 16th Augusta devastating flood swept through Boscastle, a small village on the north Cornwall coast.

Boscastle flood

The flood on 16 August in Boscastle in Cornwall ni the worst in local memory and an Environment Agency report concluded that it was among the most extreme ever experienced in Britain. About two billion litres of water then rushed down the valley straight into Boscastle. Cars were swept out to sea and buildings were badly damaged.

case study flooding in boscastle

Each shelter has space for over families and includes a toilet Radios to issue warnings Embankments to hold back rising water Boscxstle gates able to close channel when water rises Slope protection to reduce erosion of embankments. Report Mon 3rd December, The drainage basin of Boscastle is steep and impermeable rock.

The effects of and responses to floods vary between areas of contrasting levels of wealth. The rebuilding projects and construction of flood defences took several years which meant the lives of local people were disrupted for sometime. Floods dramatically affected earnings.

The danger of hypothermia, shock or even being swept away was great. Cars, walls and even bridges were washed away.


The Environment Agency is responsible for warning people about floods and reducing the likelihood of future floods. The risk of flooding has boscsatle reduced making Boscastle safer.

The effects of and responses to floods vary between areas of contrasting levels of wealth.

Map of the area affected What happened to cause this event? It is a warm and moist tropical maritime air mass. The steepness of the valley accelerated the rainwater falling on the hills as it travelled down to the valley floor where Boscastle lies.

Residents had little time to react. This is so good. What was the management strategy? The flooding also had several other key impacts on Boscastle and its inhabitants.

case study flooding in boscastle

However, the scheme could have been significantly better, though some options were too expensive. Fortunately, nobody died — thanks largely to a huge rescue operation involving helicopters — but there was millions of pounds worth of damage. The rain started, and within a few hours a massive 5 inches of rain had fallen in Boscastle alone. Download boscaslte free PDF resource.