This means that at any point in time, the entire team would be on a particular shift. According to the equity theory, the employees will begin to reduce its work performance. Self-Directed Teams SDTs Self-Directed Teams are cross-functional groups organized around work processes the complete an entire piece of work requiring several interdependent tasks and that have substantial autonomy over the execution of those tasks. Residential comprising terrace… Documents. Lavage de vitres montreal qc — entretien rex ltee Business.

Employees in these departments rotate shifts every two weeks. Maintenance employees work the night shift starting at The sawmill, boom, and packaging departments operate a morning shift starting at 6: By Nam Hoai Ngo. This should give a further boost to the efficiency of the organization. This has resulted a large backlog of finished product is stockpiled outside the packaging building. New York, New York:

According to the equity theory, the employees will begin to reduce its work performance.

case study arbrecorp ltee

Sawmill cuts from high-quality logs usually do not require planing work. The sawmill operation recently set a new productivity record on a single day.

The first being the company experiencing a bottleneck in packaging: No permanent managing supervisorFrom the text, we can see that each department has a supervisor for every working shift. Supposedly, each department should communicate with each other. Higher grade logs leave ArbreCorp’s sawmill department in finished form and are sent directly to the packaging department.

case study arbrecorp ltee

Skip to main content. Aforementioned complaints from customers about the packaging and state of the products, is another symptom. Ltee – milieuprestatie Bouwbesluit Documents. Buyers will look closely at the packaging when deciding whether to buy from ArbreCorp or another mill.

Also, the packaging department, without its own supervisor, is left to the discretion of supervisors from other departments.


case study arbrecorp ltee

Therefore, while others are working hard to improve performance, the packaging department is getting worse. In ArbreCorp, several teams work towards the completion of a final product, each team having a medium to high level of interdependency for the completion of the product.

However, some differentiation does occur in product packaging and presentation. Organizational culture comprises the values arbreckrp assumptions shared within an organization, defines what is important or unimportant in the company, and determines the proper way lee doing things in the organization.

If the ratings continue to decline rapidly, the company can face dire consequences, risking eventual bankruptcy. ArbreCorp Ltee is an independently operating sawmill operation in Quebec, Canada, owned by a major forest products company.

However, the packaging operation is housed in a separate building from the other departments, so supervisors seldom visit the packaging department. The marketing agency samples and rates its clients’ packages daily, and the sawmill with the highest score at the end of the month is awarded a framed certificate of excellence. Araba Mbirba Amuasi Hammond. The problem with this team is that it does not recognize or acknowledge its purpose in the rest of the organization.

The backlog adds to ArbreCorp’s inventory costs and increases the risk of damaged stock.

Arbrecorp Ltée Case Study

Remember me on this computer. The remaining 40 percent of sawmill output are cuts from lower grade logs, requiring further work by the planing department. This dysfunctional norm is on the way to becoming deeply rooted and it is crucial that the process be reversed to make room for the establishment of more advantageous norms. The packaging department has recorded decreasing productivity over the past couple of yearsThe planning and sawmilling departments have significantly increased productivity over the past couple of years.


It is urgent that this is addressed immediately, as the packaging department handles the possibly most vital process, the first impression of a product that a customer will experience.

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Consider the use of formatting such as point form, subheadings, etc to ensure your case is easy to arbgecorp. So, as the executives, I think the most important or the main priority is to settle or solve the problems of the packaging department that is to finish the production that been stockpiling.

Your assignment should be approximately 2 pages single spaced in length.

ArbreCorp receives raw logs from the area for cutting and planing into building-grade lumber, mostly 2-by-4 and 2-by-6 pieces of standard lengths. Another matter is that the packaging department does not seem to share the values of the other departments of the organization. Hiring a supervisor to supervise the whole operation of packaging departmentFrom the text, we may observed that other department didnt have the problem like packaging department did.

What actions executives take to correct these problems? However, the mill’s ratings have started to decline over the past year or two, and several clients have complained about the appearance of the finished product. It was built 30 arbreforp ago, and completely updated with new machinery five years ago.