There is no scope. However, the current system of retail marketing has several limitations. GNIIT is for losers. Your scope would be limited to NIIT only as a fresher. The design of the game should be as per the following specifications:

This semester is designed for Industry relevant Solution synthesis. In addition, the software should display reminders to alert the user for meetings and appointments. To implement the preceding features, the following specifications have been laid down to design the TopJobs application:. The will place you as a teacher in the same or any other GNIIT institute at very low salary and you will get annoyed moreover you knowledge of the respective subjects will remain incomplete. Contents of AT1v2 in Normal Track,. In the first phase, the JeanStationOnline application will automate the process of buying products online. Book ordering activities should be tracked across a user’s session through a shopping cart.

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To market their products, JeanStation uses the print and electronic media. In addition, most of the competitors of JeanStation have launched e-commerce solutions to make it convenient for customers to buy apparels without the need to visit a store. Unique prokect for solving data structure, algorithm, system design, and behavioral questions.

Many competitors of the company already have their e-commerce stores and are selling books online.

NIIT PGP CHEATING PROGRAM — Cheating students in niit who joined pgp course, fake program

We go daily to classes and faculty was not interested of teaching. JeanStation also has a website that they update to showcase the products available in their stores. NIIT centre will make every effort to adhere to the time a norm specified but is not responsible for delays beyond its control. Job application activities should be tracked across a user’s session.


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I belong to a lower middle class family. The name of the player and the number of keystrokes should be saved in a file as the new record.

The system should allow an administrator to capstonr the following activities:. Accordingly, the management has tied up with a software development organization. I am going explain what is going on here actually against what they have promised.

Contents of AT3BS mentioned above nii. To implement the features, the following capdtone have been laid down to design the JeanStationOnline application:. Instead you can learn online and do certifications. Module Test 1, Module Test 2. Design, layout, and navigation of the application should be uniform across all Web pages. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. The same thing happened to all the people in my batch.

capstone project niit

Diploma in Software Engineering DT1v2. Customers often complain that due to an inadequate number of stores in their city, they have to travel a long distance to reach a store. With a network of more than 30 offices nationwide, the company specializes in the areas of accounting, finance, sales, marketing, niiy technology, and engineering. Contents of HT3BS mentioned above and. Manage jobs to ensure that they are assigned the correct categories.


capstone project niit

Contents of DJVT in normal mode of delivery. A jobseeker can also visit a TopJobs office to enquire about vacancies and submit the resume. And we took it.


To keep pace with the changing scenarios of retail marketing, JeanStation have decided to implement an online shopping system, to automate the process of purchasing their products. I am adding a photo proof of Brochure along with this complaint you can verify if I was wrong. System should allow an authorized jobseeker to perform the following activities:.

Discount notifications should capsttone easily configured through an XML file.

capstone project niit

Create an advertisement, Create and Enhance complex illustrations, Create special effects and use video tools to edit video files, create web page layouts. Principles of Accounting and Finance: Add and remove books from a shopping basket while browsing the categories.