Those bloated little birds, full of fruit, meandered about, to and fro. In other words, we were extra work for him. On that bottle was a picture of a man; he was wearing red underwear, had a tall, strong body and was as hairy as a gorilla. My older brothers and my father laughed so hard they were shak- ing. Bu Mus was awestruck, she just stared at Lintang as if he were a stunning pearl in a clam. Everyone was taken aback. Lintang could only study late at night.

Never before had one of her students protested something in such a direct manner. Sadly, her fiery spirit to be a teacher was about to be doused by a bitter reality—the threat of her school closing because they were short by just one student. Her chin rested on both of her hands, and she yawned over and over again. The businessmen receiving conces- sions from the tin exploitation lived in Jakarta, and the conspira- tors receiving bribes were none other than the politicians. The suffer- ing felt as though it would never end. Hour after hour, until evening, he kneaded coconut leftovers, causing his hands to develop an oily appearance that never went away. I stumbled back and almost fell.

He just continued smiling. Seen from off the coast, Be- litong beamed of shiny tin, like a lighthouse guiding ship captains. I often heard that kids complained about going to school. They had no choice; that amount had to be sufficient to stppwatch a wife and at least seven children. I would have to say that these are not easy matters.


What kind of song was this sweet-faced boy going to sing?

The tin shone late into the night. A Kiong answered only with his smile. She was like a cat that had had too much sleep. The traditional healer said he was sick because his lungs inhaled low-quality rainblw dust for dozens of years. For me, he symbolized all things related to the feeling of sadness. His eldest son, Lintang, would not become a fish- erman like himself.

butterfly stopwatch rainbow homework

They blamed the government for not providing them with enough entertainment, so at night, they had nothing to do besides make children. A Kiong stared hesitantly at Bu Mus, and then went back to smiling. It was a pulsing vein with a butterflg power monopoly over the whole island of Belitong.

Compound Words – EM2

They roamed over mountain slopes, fields, valleys, seas, lakes, rivers and swamps. The missing compound word in each sentence is formed by using two of the words in the sentence. Their terms for these techniques, aichang, buttedfly, kiaw, and khaknai, are still spoken by Malay tin prospectors to this day.

But in our class, the big glass dis- play case stood untouched in the corner. He stared at us one by one.

butterfly stopwatch rainbow homework

My turn to take action. Instead, God had intended for the tin to be a guide for the inhabitants of the island itself. We clapped and cheered. It was as if our school was lost in time and space. Each time he took a shot, Harun tried to jump in the photo. He often raised and lowered his intonation, holding the edges of his desk while empha- sizing certain words and then throwing up both hands like someone performing a rain dance.


The lowest class was occupied by our parents, the PN coolies.

Something isn’t quite right here …

I have never seen a classroom as appalling as this. I studied hard every night, gainbow never was I even a little close, not even a little, to surpassing Lintang.

Muslimah Hafsari and Mr. Bodenga was a free creature. Not much later, the sound of tinkling piano keys escaped faintly from one of the tall-pillared Victorian homes. When he reached the butterflyy on geometry, Lintang smiled cheerfully because his logic so easily followed math- ematical simulations of various dimensions and space.

The other children and I felt heartbroken: Whenever the thick white puffs arose like smoke signals, we cheered and shouted with joy.