You must prove that your company will be able to enter the U. Will you be coming to the US to open a new office location for your company? Your spouse will be granted an L-2 visa, allowing them to work for any company in the United States. Documents that support your business whether it is a corporation or an LLC. If the petitioner does not manage staff and does not possess specialized knowledge, then it is critically important to show that their function is mostly autonomous with a major impact on the business. Because of that, having an L1 business plan is invaluable and often necessary to gain approval. Executive Summary Company description Qualifying relationship Market analysis Marketing and sales strategies Detailed job description Organizational charts for the U.

Whom does it fit? So your business plan should present your market in a way that shows how the industry as a whole is growing and how you plan to grow with it. An L-1 visa application involving a transfer to a newly established business in the U. It is important to always retain an immigration attorney whenever working through the issues surrounding immigration law. After reading your plan, the immigration officers at the USCIS should have no questions regarding the nature of your business, your competitiveness in the industry markets, or how your transferee fits into the plan.

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Immigration law is complex, to say the least. If you want a winning petition fortified with a targeted L1 Business Planyou must effectively cover these 5 topics. Unlike a business plan for an E2 visa, an L1 business plan does not need to present a lot of details on the investment and ownership of the company.

Will you be coming to the US to open a new office location for your company? Highlights of the L1 Business Plan: JDC Consultancy is a specialist when it comes to writing immigration business plans for your L-1A visa application. Consider it a bonus.


business plan for l1a visa

It is for this reason that there is no hard set planned personnel requirements for L1A. Proof of a rented or bought physical premises for the U.

Our experience and expertise makes us the first choice for L1 visa applications. To read more testimonials from clients that have successfully obtained their L-1 visa by having JDC Consultancy write them a professional U.

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The E-2 is a treaty investor visa that is extremely popular among foreign entrepreneurs. L1 Visa Business Plan Sample For Proper Preparation L1 visa business plan sample documents are most likely not enough support to get your visa application through successfully.

This is a chance to really show how the knowledge is specialized and cannot be easily replicated or replaced. It was a great experience working with Jason. One of the hallmarks of marketing is to analyze your competitors.

business plan for l1a visa

A diagram can be very helpful. Have you been working abroad for at least one continuous year within the past 3 years? The role of the L1 petitioner should be covered, including managerial responsibilities or application of specialized knowledge, along with the objective of the domestic office and its relation to the mission of the company. Copy the code below to vjsa this image on your site!

Immigration Business Plan, click here. If the petitioner will be visaa vital part of a new domestic office for the foreign company, a good marketing analysis is a requirement. This can be through either the lease or the deed to the premises.

L1 Visa Business Plan

Many of the common mistakes that people make during the filing process that result in rejections can easily be avoided by retaining a qualified attorney. So your business plan should present your market in a way that shows how the industry as a whole is growing and how you plan to grow with it.


business plan for l1a visa

This is your chance to set it straight because any ambiguity may cause confusion and possibly a denial or an RFE. Executive Summaries are not only written to summarize the complete business plan, they are also written for the intended reader pan the document.

In some circumstances, it is actually preferable to leave the company ownership or capitalization tables out completely. Or rather, have the immigration officer understand the market. By reading through example business plans others have pla, you can then prepare yourself for the types of questions you will need to answer, and the information you will need to provide.

If you are a foreign professional or business owner who is in the market plam a visa, then you have several options to choose from. Having a detailed competitor analysis report can show the USCIS that you are a serious company that is willing to put the effort necessary to succeed.

The similarity with H1 and E2 visas with the lack of those associated limitations also makes it at risk for abuse. Where bisiness L1A will lean more on the personnel plan, this section is vitally important for and L1B petitioner. However, while the temptation may be strong to bolster this with unrealistic growth expectations to impress the immigration officer, this strategy is vusa the cause of rejections and denials.

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It should be easily apparent that the foreign company has looked into the opportunity and need to open an office in the United States.