Students are required to sign the attendance list which is then held centrally. There is no excuse for a poor reference list. Module leader s and Maggie Wescott must be informed if a student is unable to attend a class. There is little difficulty in picking up techniques and implementing them effectively. This should be regarded as an opportunity to develop a truly integrated i. Did it deliver the message effectively? If there is ambiguity or omissions, the authority of the Regulations prevail.

Adherence to these guidelines will ensure that the University is able to make reasonable adjustments under the terms of the Equality Act in respect of providing equal treatment and equal access to educational opportunity for all students regardless of their disability status. If you are required to undertake more than 45 credits of reassessment, the Board of Examiners will make a decision about the timing. The Institute for the Environment monitors attendance of all students during the taught programme. Legislation and Management LM This programme is designed to allow those whose career choice lies in the field of environmental processes their management and regulatory framework to acquire a broadbased knowledge of the concepts involved. The programme aims to address impacts of climate change on ecosystem function, human-environment interactions, and a range of areas of human activity in developed and developing societies, and therefore is a multi-disciplinary program. There may be some evidence of poor academic practice. Under the New Regulations a Board may assign a grade to an element of assessment where confident and justified SR4.

Find out more at: Smith then noted how the bee ca;ping out and doursework to a nearby flower so that the pollen was transferred to the ovaries to cappiny fertilisation. Grades for each module block are moderated internally by a module block moderator who is normally not a member of the teaching staff of that module block, and grades finalised. Formal teaching sessions will take place in Term 1 12 weeks long and in Term 2 12 weeks long.

All coursework deadlines date and time will be published normally within the first two weeks of the relevant term in module block guides.


Give a full reference for all such ideas, following the referencing guidance provided by the School. You are strongly advised to ensure that you make time available to complete coursework assignments on time.


All cases will be formally and carefully considered, but not all will be accepted. In order to cappijg the University to properly consider your case, a note or letter from a GP or other doctor would include: TLC responds to student concerns and oversees modifications of programmes in order to improve student support.

brunel coursework capping

The taught programme is offered jointly by: In cases where mitigating circumstances which relate to the dissertation are submitted by any Masters student and are accepted on behalf of the Mitigating Circumstances Panel by the Chair, the period of extension to the standard submission deadline will not normally exceed 4 weeks from the date of the original deadline.

This includes expulsion from the University.

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You should note that reluctance to disclose information in a timely manner, or the inability of the University to verify the authenticity of documents submitted as evidence of mitigating circumstances, may mean that the Mitigating Circumstances Panel has insufficient information either to accept your mitigating circumstances or judge correctly their severity.

If you are required to undertake more than 45 credits of reassessment, the Board of Examiners will make a decision about the timing.

For example, the normal pressures and challenges of student life are unlikely to be accepted as mitigating circumstances. This guidance will explain in more detail what Good Academic Practice means and the consequences of not engaging in it. Generally, quotations should be quite short and should not be merely a vehicle for getting across information, e.

brunel coursework capping

Up to 2 working days late Up to 5 working days late Up to 10 working days late Up to 15 working days late More than 15 working days grunel Hence January and subsequent January intake students will: You will normally only receive one award: If you fail to provide supporting evidence in reasonable detail your claim may not be accepted.

The supervisor must obtain from the student, at the start of the project, a statement outlining the aims of the dissertation, including an outline plan. Conclusions In this chapter it is important to summarise your key findings and overall conclusions, particularly if you have used more than one chapter for your discussions.


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Presentation The report will conform very closely to the house-style detailed above; it will be coherently structured and will be to a high standard of written English with few typographical and grammatical errors. However, Brunel Level 4 credit is not included in the profile or calculation used to determine your eligibility for a Masters degree award. Key works in the field that could have an impact on the dissertation, and interpretation of the results, are missing.

Impersonation consists of a substitute taking the place of a student in an examination or other form of assessment. We encourage you to think about your dissertation from the beginning of the course, and discuss with members of staff.

All students will be required to complete the Research Ethics Review Checklist and Risk assessment prior to the commencement of their project see attached forms later in this handbook. Additional comments on any aspect of the dissertation: Any documents sent by post will be returned as soon as possible.

Your degree is comprised of modules usually totalling credits, including a dissertation which has a brujel of at least 60 credits. Staff have backgrounds across the spectrum of experience of academic research, teaching and administration, and possess a mature and balanced perspective of student requirements for successful completion of their degrees.

It should also illustrate the extent to which the original aims have been satisfied, any difficulties you have identified and what future work is suggested. It will also evaluate if the student developed their argument in a logical and clear way that can be followed by the audience.