Bread Society — http: Bloomberg News, This prevent the company from procuring prime and high human traffic areas or even sustaining their existing outlets. Let me help you. I recommend that BreadTalk can set up a shop specially cater to the Muslim. They make use of resources that the environment can provide, and delivered the desired goods in return.

The competitors might replicate BreadTalk products easily. They include specialized bakeries such as Donut Factory and Twelve Cupcakes. An example of creative design of product is Apple of my I — http: Most importantly, it carved up a strong reputation and prevents brand fatigue and creates a sense of freshness. In order to stay profitable, the price of the product have to increase.

The Slovak Spectator, The currents assets are current assets and inventories raw-materials, semi-finished goods, consumables and base inventories dining utensils and cutlery.

The Breadtalk concept is unique and innovative and this distinguishes the brand from traditional bakeries in the market. BreadTalk consistently offer customers with quality and interesting and creative products to capture customers. It is founded by George Quek Chairman and his wife, Katherine Lee Deputy Chairmanwhen he saw an opportunity for starting a bakery selling freshly baked breads and buns that are visually creative and attractive.

An example of creative design of product is Apple of my I — http: Selection of Products Breadtalk has a wide selection of products, but this wide selection is only limited to bread and cakes, unlike some other bakeries, which offer pastries and other concoctions, like Bengawan Solo. BreadTalk also provide customers with cakes, pastries and mooncakes. Experienced Management Team Breadtalk is headed by George Quek, who has 20 years of experience in the food and beverage industry.


Page 1 of 4. An example of bakery shop is Q-Bread [ 11 ]. Breadtalk is able to have some internal strengths in which are beneficial to the company that includes: He is assisted by the senior management, most of esssay have more than nine years of experience in the food and beverage or retail industries.

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Substitutes like munchies and junk food can be an imminent threat. Information obtain at BreadTalk Business Review [ 15 ]. Breadtalk presently offers over varieties of breads, buns, pastries and cakes. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. Prima Deli — http: Beijing and Shanghai China Daily.

Strategic Management report for Breadtalk

It is a good opportunity for BreadTalk to attract younger customer. Brand Accolades — http: We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. And their indirect competitors have non-similar but interesting and particular products, which have an increasing number of consumer interests in the market. I realize that the target market are very wide, from the age group of 13s to 50s.

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Founded in JulyBreadtalk Ltd started off as a bakery that is based in Singapore and was listed in the Singapore Stock Exchange three years later in How Analgsis Make It Original? Read Full Essay Save. In addition, it also has 33 food courts and 8 restaurants which are supported by over staff worldwide Bamburg, They include bakeries like Four Seasons and Crystal Jade Breads as they have similar concepts and products.


breadtalk swot analysis essay

Besides this, posters can also be seen in MRT Braedtalk or in shopping malls to gain awareness. And the mission is to lead lifestyle culture with new, innovative changes and creative differentiation to craft products with passion and vibrancy. Breadtalk recognizes that customers have varied needs and changing tastes, and offers a wide variety of products at retail outlets to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Mostly are the residents from neighbourhood and people working around the area. Wide Breadtalo of Products Breadtalk recognizes that customers have varied needs and changing tastes, and offers a wide variety of products at retail outlets to ensure customer satisfaction. With their constantly effort in developing new products, BreadTalk is able to distinguish themselves from the public. Social factors include traditions, lifestyles, values, beliefs, tastes, attitudes and workforce diversity and will greatly influence the consumer spending patterns within the environment or a country.