Motivate the reader An important aspect of communication is always making sure that the reader wants to read on. Moreover, a presentation that makes the structure of your work clear can reveal gaps in arguments and other deficiencies, thereby helping to improve the substance. It may be because it solves an important practical problem. If you give examples of scenarios make sure you indicate clearly which can and which cannot be done by your program. If possible choose at least one author whose views are opposed to yours and discuss the issues in detail.

Run the executables to install the software. Merely demonstrating that you can do something new has been described as the “Look ma, no hands! It can also help others appreciate the real strengths of your work, and how it contributes to our knowledge or understanding. If one wants to include LaTeX escaped commands within jfig text insert, for instance to include a mathematical formula one should set the text type to special via the drop-down menu box at the bottom of the jfig screen:. Make sure you select the LaTeX package if it is not already selected. UoB Essay Template with assorted packages.

Presenting your thesis

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Evaluation of a theory in cognitive science might include doing experiments on people even if you katex not done them you should say which experiments would be relevant. Search our FAQ for more help.

There are many environments available in LaTeX2e, with special applications such as creating tables, inserting images, displaying literal text and creating thesi. However, user documentation should exist somewhere, and examiners should be able to request it. It is infuriating to read in the text about the item labelled X in Figure 4.

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So if the reader is likely to need a reminder say something like “the floozle strategy defined in section 3. Appendices These may include detailed mathematical proofs, detailed definitions of formalisms, detailed descriptions of programs or techniques used, and examples of the program’s execution if you have developed a program. Lots of people working for commercial organisations do that. Similarly if you don’t have a detailed reference when you write something and leave a gap in the text MAKE SURE you fill in the gap for the final version.


A metadata record will exist for the thesis on the eTheses Repository shortly after submission. If you can’t give good reasons why people should be interested in your work, then you probably shouldn’t be doing it. Bhaam down relevant literature is less fun than working on your program, and therefore too many students don’t do the job properly.

It may be because it solves some important theoretical problem. Try to motivate the design decisions for your program. University of Birmingham on Overleaf. If possible, give a formal specification e. This is an abstract. Output written on blah.

In order to convert your files to this format you will have to install some kind of image manipulation program, The GIMP GNU Image Manipulation Program is a free image manipulation program with the capability to do this conversion it would probably be overkill to install this program just to do this but the program is very good so you should install it anyway. Overview The University of Birmingham is providing free Overleaf Professional accounts for all students, faculty and staff within the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences who would like to use a collaborative, online Lattex editor for their projects.

Show that you know how someone should assess your work.


bham thesis latex

It is important that you don’t merely provide the examples but also give some analysis showing what they are examples of. You must consider whether your thesis includes any copyright material belonging to someone else. More than one package may be specified, either separated by commas in a single usepackage statement or by using multiple usepackage statements.

Look for opportunities to improve clarity, remove repetition, correct errors, etc. Program gham In your program do not use incomprehensible abbreviations for procedure names or variables.

bham thesis latex

Include only enough to enable a competent programmer to replicate your program if necessary. A good text formatter will enable you to avoid most of these tgesis, including, for example, labelling of figures. Boden’s Artificial Intelligence and Natural Man.

It is your responsibility to make sure that you have covered all the main relevant work. One thing you should avoid is a very superficial survey in which you cover 25 authors in 10 pages giving a potted summary of each bbam will give little information to readers who do not already know the work.

It can take different forms, e.

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The file was created by Claire Watson and updated by Richard Barraclough, then Matthew Badger who added the example chapter, appendix and bibliography files. The electronic vham will be available via the internet, to any readers interested in your work. Program output and tracing Give examples of “trace” printing produced by your program running, but make sure the examples are carefully selected to highlight interesting points.