For being loyal to each other meant being loyal to their own identity. Santos plan derived from the image of watching up and coming homeboys or runts playing in the barrio. Toro uses craziness to protect him from showing his insecurities in the varrio , but it does not prevent him from getting stabbed. Instead his actions and words urge the other two main characters to grow. His mind does not even have a reverse switch. As we experience la vida loca through the eyes of Lobo, Toro, and Santo we witness how close they are to these mythological names, nevertheless, they expose their humanity that is hidden deep within the complexities of their cholo ways.

Toro begins to view himself differently. How is the word sick used in contrast with the word sick in the first chapter? His posturing suggests strong similarities. What would you have had me don? What kind of person is he? Although, Santo is only a mortal being, his moniker remains true, revealing Santo as the only homeboy with both the gift and burden of a halo.

As a marine, he continues to be the same varrio homeboy, and does not let the system brainwash him into becoming someone else. All because of your stereotype conclusions that pertain to the brown skin homeboy.

barrio bushido essay

I felt like you gave me a vicarious glimpse into what that experience was like. Toro referred to himself as a human bshido instead of a bull. Perhaps Santo feels that his continuing to give amor was more hindering instead of benefiting his homeboys.

They all could not believe how much of a bull Toro really was. Bac Sierra 14 This statement from Lobo the homeboy strikes a sensitive cord and bears the question, Why do we suggest that we are saving people from barrio life?


Santo offers benevolent advice and this always prompts Lobo and Toro to act. This book made me uncomfortable. He could not rationalize as a human being. Could a man, out of sheer cunning and relentless drive, truly invent whatever he wanted out of himself? In fact, Toro is humanized when he motivates the lieutenant without essay verguenza as well as teaching Lobo that he cannot betray his personal truth.

barrio bushido essay

He sets the standard high, almost as high as the heavens, and in some mythological pattern prepares the way for la esway loca. And I have Corazon. Lobo, Toro, and Santo. More than repudiating main society, Santo focuses on his own environment.

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What used to be considered intelligent for his people? The plan involves every element of evil and again Santo feels the pressure on his shoulders to save his homeboys from this evil.

In other situations throughout the book, his duties are for others, he vushido for nothing in return. With so many complex concepts weaved into this fictional novel it holds a much more powerful purpose than just entertainment.

barrio bushido essay

Identity in and of itself lies deeply rested in the decisions we conceive. He wore his uniform proud, camouflaging the bull inside.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Though he does not allow himself the courage and strength to profoundly reflect during war, he later reveals that to have allowed himself the luxury of contemplation would mean acknowledging his philosophies, that there were in fact ideas and philosophies in existence, a concept that deters Toro of his bull like persona.


How did Toro prove his love? Santo was barrik sinner just as they were, but to them the respect that he had for barrio bushidotheir sacred code as homeboys, absolved any amount of evil that he possessed. To try to comprehend why they acted the way they did, and trying somehow to relate to their feelings and emotions.

And so the story begins… blood, brawls, and beat downs is the barrio bushido. We played Hot Wheels and Tonka trucks.

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The enemy targets wave the red flag which signals his instinct to charge. It generates a new appreciation for the homeboy as we see their strengths and potentials in their bushiro to sticking to their roots, loyalty to their brotherhood, fight against struggles, and power and energy. Santo upheld his saintly moniker by displaying his eternal devotion Maricela. Sure it made me think while I was going through the pages, and sure it made me cry, and to think.

Who defines what constitutes literature?

And I have Corazon. Buzhido author moves to provide a very honest portrayal of the real world and environment by not holding back one bit. When he went to the Marines he adjusted by his instincts.