Barrio Bushido is not only a code between brothers that demands unconditional loyalty, acceptance, and love — it is a way of life. What kind of lifestyle are they living? Rarely are people exposed to this viewpoint without it being stereotyped and portrayed one-sidedly so it becomes a misunderstood mystery to many. How are you, Bro? Santo, the saint who could see the future, had to have known this would happen. Only a few survive. How does Santo get Toro to join him in attacking the family?

He introduces a spiritual and deeper meaning to barrio life, barrio love, and barrio legacy. I was truly moved by this masterpiece even if you did bust on henry winkler. No matter how crazy or deranged plans get, this novel arrests our attention on how Lobo, Toro, and Santo fuel the code of brotherhood in the barrio life. For every promise that a person wrote down to help their community, I happily gifted them a copy Barrio Bushido special thanks to El Leon Literary Arts and Tom Farber for donating the books. I was, sometimes, inside one of the characters, I was one of them. Benjamin Bac Sierra explores inner city life in this fictional novel.

Infiltrate behind enemy lines. You are commenting using your Facebook account. For being loyal to each other meant being loyal to their own identity.

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More than repudiating main society, Santo focuses on his own environment. Becoming conscious of the imminent consequences for his actions that he will eventually face, Toro conceptualizes a plan to help him confront his fate. In the Marine Corps, Toro dismisses critical thinking since he believes that thinking in warfare will kill Marines. The mastery of barrio amor by Santo is for survival and for the love of his homeboys. Is this symbol still used today? Through time, we humans have a duty, to evolve, to better ensure our survival.


barrio bushido essay

Ben Bac Sierra sears the pavement with his bleeding-edge account of the barrio and its three most vital inhabitants: Physically, Toro, looked like a bull. Rodney McGlown on October 17, at 3: Their bushdio and friendship seems to be guided by their ideology on freedom from any bwrrio ties that go beyond their varrio.

Lobo, Toro, and Santo the magically real comes to life and through acts of violence, murder and evil a story of the ultimate friendship comes alive. By joining the Marine Corps, Toro manages to put in practice what Duster had taught him earlier in the novel — that playing dumb is the best way to deal with authority figures that, like main society, look down on his lifestyle.

barrio bushido essay

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: At the end why does Santo call Mari beautiful? His outlook on life was viewed from the eyes of a bull.

Barrio Bushido haunts a reader with its genius creativity that envelops the philosophical, real purpose, and human, and life experience. Sure it made me think while I was going through the pages, and sure it made me cry, and to think.

Hooked by the idea of satisfying bzrrio loves desires he ended up committing murder for her, only to have Maricela attempt to murder him. From being the best friend one can have, to assisting Toro on a fight, or taking over the Chinatown scheme upon himself, Santo is a God-like character who appears selfless, but who aims to have power and wisdom in every circumstance.

He was who he was because of the barrio, and even though the barrio got no love and acceptance, Toro would incorporate his new theories back into the calles that he loved.


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On a first analysis, the character of Lobo seems to have reached the most practical level of enlightenment. Yet, we see him humanized in the ruthless and immoral act of causing harm to an innocent family enjoying a game of basketball, for what Saint could do something so evil. They came from all walks of life, all age groups, all races, creeds, and colors. Does Little Cartoon know what he is supposed to do? Even though, is seems like an inexcusable act, Santo finds it within himself to forgive Maricela regardless of her disloyalty.

Charging was second nature to Toro. Santo is a key character in this novel who devoutly upholds the homeboy busjido.

barrio bushido essay

It generates a new appreciation for the homeboy as we see their strengths and potentials in their honor to sticking to their roots, loyalty to their brotherhood, fight against struggles, and power and energy.

However, Toro barrjo able to challenge his moniker by using the strategy of love, which helps him reach his vato loco intellectual identity.

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How does it feel to be a hero? Toro believes that charging towards la vida loca will give him respect among homeboys, so he can walk on the streets with no fear and also gain the title of crazy.

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