In addition to the costs linked to the production and buying of these plastic bags, there are other costs, such as: Also, the deposition of plastic waste hinders the free flow of rainwater thereby reducing the ground water. The waste has to be dealt with pronto or its toxicity will become airborne. In spite of the fact that a key segment in these things, plastics did not turn out to be extremely well known until after World War I, when oil, a more effortlessly handled substance than coal, turned out to be promptly accessible. Plastic bags have proven to cause a visible depletion of natural resources. They are deteriorating the soil quality making it less fertile. It is a threat to life on Earth.

Plastic bags are a major cause of environmental pollution. Animals are unable to distinguish between food and packing. Plastic bag usage has become an imminent catastrophe which needs immediate attention. Plastic bags are a convenient way to carry our goods. If we reduce oil we could save much more oil. Bakelite was utilized to deliver numerous things, including phones, cameras, and even ashtrays. Moreover, during the production of various plastic products, including the plastic bags, green-house gases are released which is a major cause of global warming in the world today.

ban polythene bags essay

Petroleum is a non-renewable resource and is required for various other purposes as well. They even get stuck in the throat when gulped as it is and chokes them.

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This can result in flood like situation and disrupt the normal life of people. The degree of pollution in our environment is rising by the day. We must think about the bigger scenario rather than convenience of a few seconds. Most the plastic bags we use are discarded after some gan and then these plastic bags find themselves lying in a heap of garbage.


But, do you know how a plastic bag is made and what happens to it once you discard it in waste. Poltyhene often gulp the whole thing from the garbage bins. It has become extremely essential to ban plastic bags before they ruin our planet completely.

Plastic bags are one of the most dangerous substances to our environment.

ban polythene bags essay

Plastic bags, though useful in many ways, have proved to be extremely harmful to the environment due to one single reason — they are non-bio degradable, which means they do not decompose easily making their disposal a huge challenge. The government of India has also banned the baags of plastic bags in many states however the same has never been implemented properly. The country passed a law in making Jute packaging a mandate replacing the plastic packaging even though it was expensive.

bag Encourage others to do the same and let them follow your example. Though these are widely popular we cannot overlook the harmful effects of these bags on the environment as well as the health hazards they cause.

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All of the plastics bags and plastics which was ever produced from the beginning of time i. So the use of plastic bags is quite dangerous to animals. These are economical and thus given freely by the shopkeepers on the purchase of rssay. It remains in the environment for hundreds of years and adds to environmental pollution.

They also overfill landfills, taking up room that can be used by other trash.

The policy of recycling plastic bags has terribly failed because people do not adhere to rules as they are ignorant regarding harmful effects of plastics. This is hampering the growth of the plants. The production of plastic bags releases toxic chemicals that can cause serious illness among those involved in their baga. This makes the soil infertile and hence affects agriculture. However, what is pitiable is the fact that ever since ban on plastic bags were introduced; most shopping stores ended up making these bags chargeable.


20+ Reasons Why Plastic Bags Should Be Banned

The water bodies are polluted immensely because of plastic waste. Plastic bags are widely used for food packaging. Plastic bags cause land, air as well as water pollution. Furthermore, it is not possible to recycle them. Speech on Plastic Pollution.

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The adverse health effects it causes on humans, animals and marine life is irrevocable. The waste plastic bags lead to pollution. However, these are still being widely used in most parts of the world and are proving to be hazardous for the environment.

ban polythene bags essay

These bags can be unsafe to polytheene, for example, turtles, that ingest them or are choked by them, particularly in marine conditions where plastic bags look like jellyfish and other eatable things. It is majorly because of the increasing amount of plastic bags being dumped in the rivers that are a source of drinking water.

It is proved that plastics and plastic made materials like bags and toys are making the lifecycle of plants, animals and of course, the users of the plastic bags, the humans tougher.