All the polymers and compounds used in the creation of plastic bags such as polypropylene and polyethylene are derived from petroleum and natural gas. Gulping plastic bags can even choke their throat and suffocate them to death. We should reuse the plastic bags we already have at home as many times as we can before throwing them away. Studies suggest that over one trillion plastics bags are being used worldwide every year. The process of manufacturing plastics involves the emission of greenhouse gases. The water bodies are polluted immensely because of plastic waste.

The plastic bags can clog our waterways and is also a very harmful toxin for the aquatic life. Further, when the states impose ban on plastic bags, it is important to offer other recycled products and paper bags. However, disposing these bags is a big issue as these are non-biodegradable. Basically, plastic bags can be improvised to do so many things and are therefore very handy at home. The government has put a ban on the use of plastic bags in many states of India but people continue to use these as these are still available in the market. We humans have caused immense harm to our planet earth.

Moreover, plastic bags pollute the environment. These can also lead to the multiplication of mosquitoes, rats, etc.

ban polythene bags essay

Besides, most of our packaged food comes in plastic packing. All nations should have one voice and agree unanimously to stop plastic bag production.

20+ Reasons Why Plastic Bags Should Be Banned

The retailers provide goods in these bags and the shoppers gladly take their stuff in these easy to carry bags. Keeping in mind the sad state of the environment and the kind of risk we have imposed, the right measures need to be taken at the earliest.


Plastic bags are manufactured using petroleum and produced in quantities of trillions per year. These have been banned so as polythenee make the environment cleaners and healthier to live. These make the plastic durable and at the same time non-degradable.

Even if they were to be burned, then the people within the vicinity will be exposed to harmful plastic fumes.

Plastic Ban Essay: Research Paper Examples – A Research Guide for Students

These are light and inexpensive. Besides, tiny pieces of plastic that they eat from the garbage along with their food also gets accumulated in their body and eventually leads to serious illness in them. It is because of all these reasons that plastic bags are preferred by both shopkeepers and shoppers. We can keep a good number of things in a big cloth bag. In addition the decomposition time and process of paper and plastic bags is the same.

We use these almost every day and are often miffed when the shopkeepers tell us these are banned and that we need to either get our own bag or purchase a cloth bag from them to carry our goods.

It is high time we must understand the intensity at which plastic is destroying our environment and making life difficult for plants, animals, marine creatures as well as human beings.

Long and Short Essay on Why Plastic Bags Should be Banned in English for Children and Students

They do not only pollute our towns and cities but even enter the oceans and become a threat for the marine life. Hence they land up in seas and oceans and pollute them. They kill not only marine animals, but also animals on land.

ban polythene bags essay

Available in various sizes these are quite economical and also easy to carry. There is no such thing as you can destroy plastic bags but to prevent it from usage would be one of the best options. However, there are certain groups and organizations that support the use of plastic bags. We are also aware that when man returns esssy making paper bags, forests may be cut down.


Sharks and Whales are washed to the shores dead as they gobble these plastic bags considering it as Zoo planktons. Click to learn more https: They also exsay landfills, taking up room that can be used by other trash. Trees and plants are an integral part of our environment. In fact, we quickly discard them into our garbage bins as soon as we reach home.

ban polythene bags essay

Sorry, but copying text is not allowed on this site. People prefer items made of plastic as these are light weight compared to wood or metal items and are also quite economical. There are numerous reasons why the government of various countries have come up with strict measures to limit the use of plastic bags. Marine species have found consuming plastic pieces by mistake as natural food and finally succumb to bqgs. If you are an animal lover, these actions that you could be taking would be saving animals around the world.

They are a source of the life-giving oxygen and one of the main reasons life is possible on our planet.