Your request must include a filled in Course Approval Form and supporting documentation. I am now a member of the Student Advisory Council, where students get a chance to use their knowledge of urban planning. Without this official approval of your MEP your elective courses cannot be listed as part of your master programme and consequently you will not be able to graduate. I organized parties and excursions together with nine other first-year students and a member of the board. De eerste beoordelaar kent dan uiteindelijk het definitieve cijfer toe, en vermeldt dat op het beoordelingsformulier. De student levert de bachelorthesis per e-mail digitaal bij de eerste beoordelaar in. This last category consists of tracking cookies:

You can follow courses provided by our faculty but you can also take a Minor or do an internship in a related field. The advice is not binding. Technische planologie revolves around physical and institutional design. The Bachelor’s programme in Human Geography and Urban and Regional Planning teaches you about people and how they view the world. Specific requirements More information language test Only for international students: For students with a Dutch degree: Spatial Planning and Design is based on research.

Keep in mind that even within a country, the costs can vary between different destinations. Sociale Geografie en Planologie may be the right choice for you.

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I was a member of the Spatial Planning and Design programme committee OCwhere students and lecturers discuss the quality of lectures and examinations, and I am part of the team that promotes the degree programme during open days. Choice of degree programme check. Why study this programme in Groningen?


Many factors play a role in finding a solution to this kind of problem: Please contact the study advisor study. After this we were shown a part of the subway line which still was still under construction. To be able to interpret these data the Code-Book explaining how the answers were coded in the data-set also needs to be included.

Deze cookies worden bijvoorbeeld ingezet om het inloggen voor studenten en medewerkers tyesis te maken. This degree programme gives you the opportunity to learn from internationally renowned and highly trained teachers.

bachelor thesis planologie

In Dutch the programme is called Sociale Geografie en Planologie. Wanneer bepaalde bewerkingsstappen relevant zijn voor de interpretatie van data, dienen ook deze toegelicht en toegevoegd te worden. Why study this programme in Groningen?

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These are used by third-party advertisers to gather data about online behaviour. You will have to choose three partner universities, as your first choice cannot always be guaranteed. The orientation day confirmed my first impression.

You have earned at least 60 credits.

Finding information, especially on courses can be quite a challenge. If you have earned fewer than 45 ECTS and are issued a negative result, you will not be allowed to continue with your degree programme.

bachelor thesis planologie

Binding study advice A minimum of 45 EC planolovie the first 12 months binding. Laat het ons weten. The Honours College gives talented, motivated students the opportunity to challenge themselves even more. Also read our Privacy statement Accept all cookies Set your personal preferences Necessary??? Laat dit veld leeg. Nomination The International Office will then nominate you to the partner university, who will inform you about their application procedure.


Specific requirements More information language test For students with an international diploma or an HBO diploma: The education you receive is plajologie partly based on the research being done at the faculty right now!

An overview of dates of graduation ceremonies is provided here. After your return, you must hand in the transcript of records your list of marks in hard copy to the International Office Geosciencesand attach the course descriptions and any explanations.

Utrecht University does not have partner contracts for a thesis or an internship, which means you have to contact a university, company or institution yourself. How can you develop sustainable strategies and designs for new and existing urban systems? Cookies die worden geplaatst om anoniem gegevens te verzamelen over het gebruik van de website om deze te verbeteren.

What I like about Spatial Planning and Design is that you work plwnologie real-life situations. Decide whether you want to go for one semester or a full year.