Christian Peters from Prof. Nature Communications, Claudio U. This award is in recognition of the technology the institute has developed in collaboration with Carrosserie Hess AG. Navigation Area Current Subcategory: The name and function of an experienced and qualified person at the external institution who supervises the student at the external institution.

Besides acquiring new knowledge, they also gain soft skills and practise teamwork and work organisation. Homepage Navigation Content Sitemap Search. The award won by Dr. Sand, coffee grounds and rice behave very differently than water or oil. In order to be considered for the exchange program, exchange students must have completed at least two full years at a university with an academic background similar to the students in our program.

Request to extend thesis submission deadline PDF, KB Please note that following the approval from your supervisor professorthe request must be submitted no later than four weeks before the submission deadline expires.

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Nature Communications, Claudio U. Request to extend thesis submission deadline: Nanotechnology for better visibility A new coating developed by ETH researchers prevents fogging on transparent surfaces.

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Whether building an exoskeleton for paraplegics or an autonomous construction robot, the Focus projects are a chance thessi mechanical engineering students to solve a complex technical challenge.

When sand behaves like oil Sand, coffee grounds and rice behave very differently than water or oil. Kristina Shea’s group have received various awards for their papers. Arabella Mauri from Prof. The embedded design will be able to apply software-defined bias voltages at the CNT terminals and read the current response by converting it into a digital representation.


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However, under certain conditions they will suddenly exhibit astonishing similarities. Now, ETH researchers have developed an approach that allows the efficient removal of these problematic substances. The aim of the training is to gain practical experience in production of components as well as knowledge and understanding of materials and their machining and finishing.

Michael Grubenmann, a Bachelor student in Prof. mat

bachelor thesis mavt eth

The latest date of registration on myStudies is one month after start. Development of a toolchain based on COMSOL and Matlab to simulate the modulation of charge transport in carbon nanotube sensors due to mechanical or chemical effects. Students are free to choose from the whole category; you will find recommendations regarding thssis choice of Electives relevant for the Focus Specializations in the following pdf document:.

Ten labs must be passed, of which at least four must be in physics. Monitoring Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes decoration by Raman spectroscopy and electrical measurements.

Congratulation on your Master awards! Siegwart, Roland Yves, Prof. Stephanie Schlatter, former doctoral student of Prof. The prestigious award includes bachelr lecture-tour in China. Examinations on the compulsory courses are held for the first time in the so-called first year examinations during the examination period at the end of the second semester. Videos and photos now online!


The examination blocks are composed as follows: Additional compulsory courses during the program Additional compulsory courses are assessed through examination blocks which are held during examination sessions. Researchers at ETH have developed a new 3D printing technique by which objects made of several metals can be produced with high spatial resolution.

The supervisor establishes the conditions for the Bachelor’s Thesis. David Harsch, a Master student in Prof. Nicolas Noiray and Dr. Boulouchos’ group received the ETH Medal for their outstanding doctoral thesis in Hughes Young Investigator Award.

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In addition, students are taught the methodology required to conduct research in the disciplines of mathematics, natural sciences and engineering.

Professor Margarita Chli was awarded the Prix Zonta for her research on machine vision. The language of instruction at Bachelor level is German only in the fifth and sixth semester certain courses are taught in English.